3 Skills You’ll Need When Working at New Car Dealerships During Your Service Advisor Career

If you’re a motivated individual with the goal of launching a career as a Service Advisor, you may find that you’d prefer to work at an automotive dealership. At a dealership, you’ll be responsible for ensuring a great customer experience, while generating profits for the dealership in the process. You’ll act as a liaison between customers and service technicians, while serving as the primary point of contact for customers who walk through the door or have questions regarding the servicing and maintenance of their vehicles. However, in order to perform your duties effectively, you’ll need to develop or improve certain skills that will enable you to excel throughout your career.

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1.   Effective Communication Skills Make All the Difference During Your Service Advisor Career

A Service Advisor acts as a liaison between customers and technicians. Being a liaison means that you need to possess effective communications skills, as these will determine your ability to handle the exchange of information between you, the customer, and service technicians in a clear and concise manner. Throughout your Service Advisor career, customers will rely on you to advise them and explain to them in simple terms what their vehicles may need in terms of repairs. You’ll have to use your communication skills to ensure that whatever the customer needs in terms of repairs and scheduling is thoroughly communicated, either to service technicians or anyone else who is involved in the repair process. If not, you’ll end up with upset customers, confused service technicians, and delayed service.

Effective communication skills are essential because you act as liaison between customers and technicians

2.   Customer Service Skills Are the Bread and Butter of Your Career

Customer Service is one of the important skills you’ll need to build for your career after completing your Service Advisor training. Throughout the day, you’ll be interacting with customers, representing the automotive dealership you work for. As you resolve customer issues and concerns, take appointment bookings, deal with suppliers, and provide service and repair estimates, it’s important to remain courteous and always maintain a friendly demeanor. This will allow you to gain your customers’ trust and loyalty, building strong relationships in the process which will help the dealership in both the short term and long term. Your customer service skills, therefore, are the bread and butter of your career, because if you provide bad service, it’s likely that customers will end up choosing to give their business to another dealership. 

3.   Writing Skills and Numeracy Skills Help to Make Your Job Easier

When you launch your career as a Service Advisor, you’ll be interacting with plenty of customers inquiring about the price of a service, an auto part replacement, or other repairs. As customers relay their issues and concerns to you, you’ll need to listen attentively in order to take note of all the important information that you will need to successfully complete the job and adhere to their request. 

You should improve or develop your writing and numeracy skills to have a successful Service Advisor career

With strong writing skills, you’ll not only be able to avoid leaving out any important details, but you can also facilitate a seamless exchange of information among the various parties involved in any given repair job. Your numeracy skills will also come in handy, helping you accurately calculate and prepare estimates and send out invoices for customers and suppliers. If this career path sounds appealing to you, consider building the skills for the job with the help of a training program.

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