3 Skills Auto Employers Seek Out When Hiring Mechanic School Grads

With so many cars on the road, the need for skilled auto technicians to service and repair these cars will never cease to exist. At ATC Montreal, you’ll get hands-on training that’ll prepare you to become a successful auto mechanic. You’ll learn how to service hydraulic brake systems, work on drive lines and drive axles, and much more. Employers look for talented auto mechanics to join them in meeting client demands in the automotive industry. Knowing what skills you need to acquire or improve upon to attract employers is key to your success as a professional auto mechanic. Read on to learn about the common skills that auto employers look for in a mechanic!

1. Auto Mechanics Should Develop People Skills During and After Mechanic School

To succeed as an auto mechanic, one of the most important skills you’ll need to develop is people skills. The auto mechanic trade requires you to interact and communicate effectively with others, including your colleagues, supervisors, managers, vendors and customers. That’s why it’s important that those in mechanic school work on developing their people skills. Practicing your communication skills with fellow students and instructors during training can help you excel in the auto mechanic trade upon graduating. After all, customers want an auto mechanic that can listen to their needs and explain any mechanical features they’re not familiar with in a friendly and professional manner.

You need to develop your people skills after mechanic school to impress auto employers

2. Auto Mechanics Today Need to Have Technological Skills

An auto mechanic today needs to have technological skills to go along with their mechanic credentials. With the continuous advancement in automotive technology, cars have become more high-tech and now feature complex computer systems. If you want to attract the attention of auto employers, you need to be tech-savvy and have the capacity to adapt to emerging auto technologies with ease after your auto mechanic training. Due to the complexity of modern vehicles, you’ll need to diagnose various issues using different types of high-tech equipment found in the auto industry today. Staying up to date with the latest trends in auto technology will help you stay ahead in the auto mechanic trade now and in the future.

You need to have the technological skills to diagnose and repair modern cars

3. Of Course, Mechanical Skills Are a Given

Your ability to diagnose and resolve different mechanical issues with confidence is what most auto employers will be looking for. In that case, you should focus on honing your diagnostic skills to the best of your abilities. 

You’ll need to be able to understand customer concerns, diagnose their cars and offer appropriate solutions. You’ll be expected to fix various car issues relating to ignition and fuel systems, electrical systems, suspension systems and more. With the right training and experience under your belt, you can demonstrate your competence in the field and your commitment to developing your skills in the auto mechanic trade. 

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