Look Out for These 3 Signs When Servicing Cars After Auto Mechanic Training

For many people, their car is more than a means of transportation – it is their prized possession. Any car enthusiast knows what it means to form this type of bond with their car. The more care and attention you give a vehicle, the more reliably it will run and the longer it will last. Being able to when a car needs servicing and maintenance work will make the difference between prolonging a car’s health and losing it. 

At ATC Montreal, you’ll get hands-on training in automotive mechanics, servicing different types of vehicles and models. This will help you to identify the common signs of trouble when servicing customer vehicles. Here’s a look at some warning signs to take note of in your career!

1. Check Dashboard Indicator Warnings After Auto Mechanic Training

The most common warning signs you’ll encounter as an auto mechanic are usually visible on a car’s dashboard. The dashboard provides quick information on any potential issues that a car may be experiencing. Various indicators may light up when the car has some underlying issues that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Many customers may not be aware of the issues their car has, so with your auto mechanic training, you’ll be able to identify dashboard indicators, for example, the oil light or engine light. When the engine indicator light comes on, it means that the temperature of a car’s engine has reached high levels due to a loss of coolant. As for the oil pressure indicator, it means that the vehicle is losing oil, which could cause damage to the engine.

After your auto mechanic training, you’ll be familiar with the warning signals on the dashboard

2. A Bad Smell Is a Sign of Trouble 

When a customer brings in their car for a maintenance checkup, you may notice an unusual smell coming from their vehicle. That’s not something to take lightly for professionals in auto careers

Certain types of bad smells can indicate various issues that a car may be experiencing. For example, a rotten smell may indicate that a car’s having issues with its catalytic converter and may not be able to filter out any harmful emissions. If that’s the case, the catalytic converter will need to be serviced or replaced. You may also notice that the car emits a burning smell. This can indicate that there are electrical issues in the vehicle that need to be addressed, for example, a faulty fuse or an overheating A/C compressor.

3. A Smoking Car Won’t Go Far

If you notice smoke while servicing a customer’s vehicle, that’s generally a sign of trouble. Depending on the type of smoke that’s coming out of a customer’s car, you’ll be able to assess what the underlying issue may be. 

Smoke coming out of a car is a warning sign that needs to be addressed

Blue, grey or white smoke coming out of a car is a warning sign that the engine’s combustion chamber has been exposed to coolant fluid before starting to overheat, which can cause major damage to the engine and will require immediate repairs. You may also notice black smoke, which is a sign of high gasoline consumption. This may be caused by a malfunctioning fuel injection system, a clogged air filter or a blocked manifold.

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