3 Signs You’d Make a Great Auto Body Repair Technician

Successful auto body repair technicians tend to have an eye for detail

Deciding on the right career takes time and careful consideration. After all, you want to choose one that offers good pay, job security, and that’s in demand. However, you also want to make sure that your career is something you truly enjoy. Fortunately, becoming an auto body technician can offer the best of both worlds. Not only is it in demand, with 1,250 new openings expected between 2016 and 2025, but it also offers the chance to work with your hands and enjoy a career that brings a lot of satisfaction.
Want to know if this could be for you? Read on to find out if you would be a good fit for a career in auto body work!

1. You’re at Ease Working With Your Hands and Enjoy Performing Physical Work

There’s no denying that there’s a physical aspect to auto body repair work. Replacing door and body elements often calls for the manipulation of close-fitting parts, while the role will call for the use of a wide range of instruments, from small hand tools to power tools. In particular, carrying and lifting heavy tools and parts means that those who enjoy physical work will be ideally suited to this role.

Auto body careers are all about hands-on work
Auto body careers are all about hands-on work

Being at ease with physical tasks and feeling comfortable with some exertion will prove useful to any individuals pursuing auto body technician careers. If you enjoy working with your hands, and want a career that is anything but a desk job, then becoming an auto body technician might be for you.

2. An Auto Body Repair Technician Has an Eye for Detail

Auto body work tends to focus on fixing faults with a vehicle that are visual, such as a dented side panel or collision-damaged fender. While these corrections are usually necessary for the functionality of the vehicle, auto body technicians will always bear the appearance of the vehicle closely in mind as well. If you’re a perfectionist who takes pride in the physical appearance of work carried out, and will stick to a job for the requisite amount of time to produce an impressive outcome, then those skills will lend themselves to auto repair. It’s a career where your ability to home in on the details will more than pay off!

3. Communication Skills Are Useful for Careers in the Auto Industry

It’s a myth that professionals with careers in the auto industry don’t count soft skills as being part of their forte. The role itself involves a huge degree of inter-person communication, as auto body professionals trade ideas and approaches for the best outcome, juggle tasks and priorities, and more. Being able to provide key information to fellow workers and reassure paying customers can be an essential part of the role. If you have great communication skills, and enjoy meeting new people and helping them feel welcome and at ease, then you could excel as an auto body repair technician.

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