3 Road Trip Prep Tips from Pros With Careers In The Auto Industry

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A road trip is one of the best ways to relax and get in touch with your country, especially in the middle of summer. As an auto service college graduate, there is no doubt you will encounter a client from time to time who wants you to help them prepare for their road trip. Properly getting a car ready for a road trip is important to ensure that your client’s car doesn’t quit on them in the middle of nowhere, and that they make it back with more good memories than bad!

Read on to discover three road trip prep tips that every auto industry pro should know.

1. Those With Careers in the Auto Industry Will Always Check the Engine Oil

Checking the engine oil levels is just about the most important thing you can do to maintain the health of your client’s car, especially before huge drives. Under the hood, the engine dipstick is located right next to the engine and usually features a colourful handle. Pull out the dipstick to see if the oil level is in the sweet spot, between the two designated lines on the dipstick. Also, check the colour to make sure it is a nice yellowish and clear colour. If it’s thick and black, change it. Once you graduate from auto service college, you’ll make sure your customers’ engine runs for a very long time. You can also teach your client how to check their own oil so they can do so while on their road trip!

Engine oil should be a clear yellowish liquid or it needs to be changed
Engine oil should be a clear yellowish liquid or it needs to be changed

2. Pros With Careers in the Auto Industry Know to Check the Engine Coolant

When cars are driven for long periods of time, they inevitably get really hot. If the engine coolant level isn’t where it needs to be, this could spell disaster for your client’s engine. Checking this type of fluid is a lot easier than checking the transmission and oil levels. You can use your eyes to check the fluid levels in the engine coolant receptacle, which is usually located to the left of the engine under the hood. Simply give the coolant housing receptacle a little shake to see where the level is. If it is low, top up the engine coolant using the car company’s designated water/coolant mix ration (usually 50/50). Graduates of auto service programs know that the last thing any client wants during a road trip is an overheating engine, as this may cause the pistons to seize and the car to be a write-off.

The engine coolant reservoir is usually on the left-hand side of the engine
The engine coolant reservoir is usually on the left-hand side of the engine

3. Grads of Auto Service Programs Know that a Good Transmission is Needed

A healthy transmission will lead to a healthy road trip for your customer. A long trip can really place a lot of stress on a car’s transmission. Make sure to advise your clients that they should get their transmission fluid checked before any trip. Before checking the transmission make sure to warm your client’s car up on a level surface. Place the transmission in ‘park’ and pull out the transmission fluid dipstick, wipe it off and insert it again. After pulling it back out, check the level of the fluid. If the fluid is anywhere outside of the two lines that designate the fluid’s ‘sweet spot,’ stop everything and top it up. Also, you may want to advise your customer to consider a transmission fluid ‘flush’ if the fluid appears too dark.

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