3 Resume Tips in Order to Become a Certified Mechanic in the New Year

become a certified mechanic

The first step to succeeding as a mechanic is to wow your employers before they even meet you! While a tip-top resume is a necessary step toward any job, getting employment at a mechanic shop makes having a great CV particularly necessary.

Resume writing is an art in and of itself, but certain techniques can make the difference between your CV being overlooked and getting the mechanic job you want. Here are three tips to keep in mind while you look to become a certified mechanic in 2020.

1. Make Sure Your Lead and Your Formatting Are the Best They Can Be

This goes for virtually any job out there, and mechanics are no exception to the rule. To stand out among a pile of CVs, it’s important to make sure you catch the shop manager (or HR person)’s attention as quickly as possible. You can do this by listing your biggest measurable accomplishments—meaning using numbers and percentages to quantify them—at the very top of your resume. If you’re writing a cover letter, write a catchy lead expressing your personality, accomplishments, and goals, and avoid using clichéd language or sounding overly formal or robotic. Also, be sure to use proper formatting, such as fonts that fit well with resumes (Calibri, Georgia and Helvetica are examples).

Be sure the accomplishments you list on your resume are measurable and quantifiable

Be sure the accomplishments you list on your resume are measurable and quantifiable

2. List All Relevant Experience if You Want to Become a Certified Mechanic

This is perhaps the most obvious point, but one that should be stressed nonetheless. Make sure that any experience related to becoming an auto mechanic is listed in detail on your resume (your most recent job coming first), and that your accomplishments are listed in bullet points. Make sure you also include any mechanic courses you may have taken. If your experience so far in your journey to become a certified mechanic has mainly consisted of volunteer and/or school-related experience, be sure to mention that, too. Employers will want to see any kind of background you have in the field, even if it’s just hands-on course work, working on your own car or engine, or doing car work just for fun.

Paying attention to the wording of your resume can help you en route to a job as a mechanic

Paying attention to the wording of your resume can help you en route to a job as a mechanic

3. Lastly, Think Long and Hard About How You’re Wording Everything

With regards to how to become a mechanic, we’ve already mentioned that there are certain tricks necessary to make your CV a cut above the others in the pile. One way to do this is by having a razor-sharp focus on how your resume is worded. While describing yourself and your accomplishments in your resume and/or cover letter, use words that are punchy, vivid, and concise, all the while emphasizing why you’re the right person to get an opportunity to work at a car mechanic shop. Also, be sure to use action verbs wherever you can while describing your work experience, such as “assemble”, “troubleshoot”, “maneuver”, “repair”, “diagnose”, and “inspect”. These can help hiring managers visualize you doing the work required, as well as demonstrate your familiarity with those tasks.

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