3 Reasons Why Millennials Should Pursue Automotive Careers

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Are you a Millennial trying to navigate the complex world of postsecondary education? You’re not alone. Deciding what path you want to take can be a tough choice. If you’re looking for a career that’s reliable, has room for growth, and lets you work with your hands, consider becoming an auto mechanic!

If you’ve never considered becoming an auto mechanic before, you should know there are many benefits to pursuing this career path. Salaries are good and improve with experience, work is consistent, and there’s lots of opportunity for individuals who are entrepreneurial at heart. These are just some of the many perks that come with an automotive career.

1. Automotive Careers Have Faster Training That’s Also More Affordable

According to Statistics Canada, from 2015 to 2016 the average tuition price for a full-time undergraduate student was a whopping $6,191 per year. And that doesn’t include books, supplies, or living expenses. Many of these students are graduating with thousands of dollars worth of debt—an average of $27,000, to be exact—and few good employment prospects to look forward to. In fact, it’s estimated that about 30 per cent of Canadian graduates aged 25 to 29 are working a low-skill level job. It’s a story many young Canadians know all too well.

Millennials can combat this frustrating scenario by opting for a trades career. Auto mechanic certification programs are on average much cheaper than traditional universities. They also take much less time to complete and are focussed on career skills, meaning that graduates can quickly complete their training to start a promising career right away.

auto mechanic certification
Auto mechanic training is quicker and cheaper than a regular university degree

2. Professionals with Automotive Careers are in Demand in Canada

Not only is auto mechanic training more attainable, but jobs in the trades are in demand across Canada and in BC. Canada is facing a major shortage of skilled workers. As a result, Job Bank BC rates the employment outlook for auto mechanics to be “good”, the highest rating it offers. This means there will be plenty of openings for eager, new graduates.

In addition, professionals with an automotive career are less affected by seasonality and job loss. 71 per cent of mechanics work year-round compared to 60 per cent in other occupations. As long as individuals are purchasing and driving vehicles, society needs expertly trained mechanics to repair them. And with 2016 setting a new record for car sales in Canada, it looks like the demand for trained mechanics will stay strong for many years to come.

3. The Industry Needs Young Millennials to Fill in the Shoes of Retiring Boomers

One of the reasons why more mechanics are needed is because Baby Boomers are beginning to retire, leaving plenty of room for new graduates to take their place. Employers are looking for energetic, passionate, and eager Millennials to become the next generation of talented auto mechanics.

President and CEO of the British Columbia-based company Automotive Retailers Association, Ken McCormack, agrees, stating that:

“The fact is that you’ve got a generation of workers that are, in our industry, on average, in their mid-50s and looking to retire soon, and we have a much smaller generation coming up, in terms of number of people looking for jobs.” He explains, “There will be more jobs to fill than people to fill them. The demand is going to be high everywhere.” For Millennials looking to start an in-demand career, few opportunities are more promising than those in the auto industry.

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