3 Reasons Why Introverts Can Excel in Automotive Sales Careers

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Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t only extroverts who have the potential to make great automotive sales professionals. Whether you’re introverted, extroverted, or somewhere in the middle, a career in sales could be for you. Traditionally, most people will think of an extroverted, outgoing, and loud person as being the best at sales. However, that’s not necessarily true. Introverts have unique qualities that make them excellent salespeople too.

Read on to learn more about why introverts can make successful, profitable salespeople.

1. Introverts Are Natural Relationship Builders

Introverts have a natural tendency to build relationships, which is one of the most important reasons why they are a great fit for automotive sales careers. While extroverts are certainly good at approaching people and making tons of connections, introverts shine with their ability to form deep, trusting relationships with customers that can last for years.

These long-term relationships have the potential to be extremely profitable. Not only do they keep customers coming back year after year, but these customers will also send more business your way through valuable referrals.

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Building relationships can lead to long-term profits and referrals

The more positive, long-lasting relationships you can build, the more referrals you will receive. In addition, according to Hubspot, keeping a current customer is about six to seven times cheaper than finding a new one.

2. Introverts Can Use Their Listening Skills During their Automotive Sales Careers

While the stereotype of the talkative salesperson might endure, it’s far from the reality. In fact, most byers prefer a salesperson who listens more than they talk—a quality often found in introverts. Good listening skills are an important quality for any salesperson to have. If you’re a natural-born listener, your skillset could work to your advantage after auto sales college.

Sales is truly an art that revolves around the ability to listen. When a client walks into your automotive dealership, you can find out a lot about what they are looking for by simply listening. Too many salespeople are quick to jump the gun and recommend whatever will help them meet their sales quota. This is the wrong approach to sales, and introverts know that. Most introverts are intuitive listeners who prefer to let others do the talking while they sit back and absorb it all.

3. Introverts with Automotive Sales Careers Have the Ability to Stay Composed

Introverts are known for being cool, calm, and collected—all important qualities for automotive sales professionals. Whether you have a tight deadline, need to meet a sales quota, or are running around the dealership on an abnormally busy day, the ability to stay composed will help your sales game.

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Introverted salespeople are good at staying composed under pressure

Customers can sense when salespeople are ramping up their intensity. And for most buyers, the feeling of being overtly sold to is a major turn off. Masking whatever pressure you’re under in order to provide your customers with the highest quality service possible will help you close sales and form lucrative relationships.

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