3 Reasons to Become an Entrepreneur After Auto Repair Courses

auto repair career
After auto repair training, students can go on to open their own business

Imagine walking into work every day excited and inspired. Everything is set up the way you like and your team greets you with a “Good morning!” as you settle in to see what interesting car repairs you have coming in that day. You have your cup of coffee in hand, and look on at the men and women you’ve created jobs for by opening your very own repair shop.

Does this sound appealing to you? If so, then you might want to think about opening a garage once you become a mechanic. Not convinced yet? Keep reading to discover three great reasons why opening a repair shop can be a great career move for graduates of auto repair courses.

1. Pros With Auto Repair Careers Experience Financial Benefits When Opening Their Own Shop

Ultimately the purpose of having a career is to make money, while doing something you enjoy at the same time. Opening your own automotive repair business after completing your auto repair courses may be the perfect route to both those goals. Financially, there are several reasons why entrepreneurship is a great route. You can apply for tax benefits to help cover your start-up expenses. And once your repair shop is established and running smoothly, you might be able to work less hours and still generate a good income.

2. Auto Mechanics Who Open Their Own Shops Take Pride in Their Achievements

There’s nothing like knowing you built something from the ground up. That’s part of what makes starting a business so satisfying. You start with a vision of where you think your business could go, and then you work hard every single day to take it to that level. It’s not every day that people get to establish a career that they are sincerely proud of, but as an auto mechanic who owns their very own shop, you’ll get to experience this firsthand.

3. Entrepreneurial Professionals With Auto Repair Careers Have Job Security

One of the benefits of pursuing an auto repair career is that it comes with plenty of job security. Auto mechanics and auto professionals are in demand, meaning that after graduation you won’t have to stress out about landing your first job in a highly competitive field.

Fortunately, owning your own repair shop also offers career stability. That’s because the auto repair business is a great industry to be breaking into. After the recession in 2008, car owners have been keeping their vehicles longer than ever before, meaning they require more maintenance (and trips to the repair shop!) to keep their cars running smoothly. In 2014 there was a 5.2 per cent increase in automotive repair and maintenance, and the trend is only continuing upward. These numbers demonstrate that opening a shop is a lower risk business opportunity, since there is a promising need for the services your business will provide.

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