3 Reasons You Can Enjoy Job Security with an Auto Mechanic Career

Auto Mechanic Career
Professionals in auto mechanic careers enjoy high levels of job satisfaction

For many auto lovers, becoming a qualified mechanic is a dream career. Not everyone has the chance to make a living out of something they are truly passionate about, and auto technicians tend to enjoy high levels of job satisfaction, working on the cars they love on a daily basis and taking pride in doing quality work for customers.

It’s also an extremely secure career, with Service Canada’s most recent figures reporting a 69 per cent employment rate for professionals in the field, far higher than the average of 55 per cent for all occupations. Not only that, but demand for fully trained auto technicians has been growing in recent years, with a high retirement rate, increased car ownership and a more diverse range of vehicles on the road all contributing to create even more opportunities for aspiring mechanics.

Read on to find out more about why there’s never been a better time to pursue an auto mechanic career.

1. Why Increased Car Sales is Good for Your Auto Mechanic Career

The recent growth in car sales shows no signs of slowing down. Cheaper gas prices coupled with lower interest rates saw 1.9 million new cars on the road last year, with the total number of vehicle registrations in the country now exceeding 33 million. In addition, industry experts also predict that the record for new vehicle sales will be broken for a fourth consecutive time in 2016.

Auto mechanic college
Increased car sales means more maintenance opportunities for auto mechanic college grads

All of this is very good news for students aspiring to an auto mechanic career. Every vehicle needs regular maintenance, and increased car ownership means more customers coming through the doors of local auto shops, ensuring a steady demand for services.

2. More Retirees Mean More Job Openings for Auto Mechanic College Grads

As the baby boomer generation reaches retirement age, students graduating from auto mechanic college can expect an increased amount of job openings over the next decade, especially since 37.7 per cent of professionals in the industry are aged between 45 and 64. As these experienced workers retire, repair shops, dealerships, and organizations with fleet vehicles will all be on the lookout for fully trained young mechanics to take their places, with increased opportunities for career advancement as more senior positions open up.

Bob Attrell, President of the Toronto Automobile Dealers Association, said in 2008, “Within the next decade, baby boomer technicians employed at dealerships will be retiring en masse, creating a huge potential shortage in the market. The automotive industry, provincial government, and educational institutions are well aware of this expected shortfall, and each is doing its part to promote automotive technology as a viable career choice for young people. For men and women interested in a career as an auto technician, the field is wide open.”

3. New Technology Means Increased Diversity in Auto Mechanic Careers

Recent years have also seen a number of changes in the auto industry, such as the rise of electric and hybrid vehicles, as well the increased use of computer technology in modern automobiles. The growing diversity of auto technology has led to increased demand for auto mechanics with specialized knowledge of new systems and components.

As a result, students completing their auto mechanic training over the next few years can expect to enjoy a certain amount of competitive advantage in the job market, as they receive the most up-to-date training available for the changing demands of the industry.

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