3 Reasons Your Clients Need Rust Proofing by Pros With Auto Detailing Training

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Many car owners aren’t aware of what after-market care they need to purchase for their vehicles. Often, they may leave auto detailing centres feeling confused by the many options available, unsure of which services they truly need. As an auto detailing professional, you can help educate your clients on the best course of action for keeping their vehicles looking great and functioning properly. One of the services you might recommend is rust proofing.

Rust is a chemical reaction that occurs when water comes into contact with metals containing iron. Over time, the oxygen in the water combines with the iron, forming a new and unwanted compound. Not only does it look unappealing, it can start to compromise the structural integrity of a vehicle!

If you’re passionate about auto detailing and providing great customer service, read on to discover three key reasons your clients need a professional to rust proof their cars.

1. Auto Detailing Professionals Can Provide the Best Prevention Against Rust

Once you begin your career, you’ll likely encounter clients who don’t think their brand new vehicle needs rust proofing. This is a common misconception. Rust can strike any vehicle, old or new. Although car manufacturers do provide some measures to protect against rust, an extra layer of protection applied by a professional is beneficial. Living in Canada, automobile drivers need extra protection as our harsh winters can make rusting worse. Salt that is used to melt ice off roads can expedite the rust and corrosion process, while making it easier for more moisture to seep in.

As an auto detailing professional it’s important to explain to your clients that protecting their investment is the best policy. Prevention is much cheaper than fixing the problem after it has happened. A rust proofing treatment can cost anywhere between $100-$150 per year. Fixing a car with rust, on the other hand, can cost an owner thousands of dollars, or even leave the car rendered completely useless.

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Failing to rust proof a car can lead to expensive repair bills

2. Auto Detailing Professionals Know Rust Proofing Can Improve Resale Value

Not only is it beneficial for the current car owner to regularly rust proof their car, but it can also increase resale value as well. If your customer plans to sell their vehicle down the road, making sure that it has no signs of rust damage will significantly up its value. Any rust spots immediately decreases the resale value of a car. If rust is extensive, it may even make it impossible to sell. This is why pre-emptively treating a vehicle is often a worthwhile investment for your clients.

3. Auto Detailing Professionals Know How to Apply Rust Proofing for Best Results

Having rust proofing performed by a professional who has taken auto detailing training is crucial. This is because rust typically starts in places the average driver wouldn’t see on a daily basis, like underneath the vehicle. An inexperienced eye may miss these key spots where water can seep through and wreak havoc on a car. And if it goes unnoticed, it can spread to areas of the vehicle that could impact its ability to run safely. By encouraging your clients to opt for professional rust proofing, you can help make sure that their cars stay safe and rust-free for many years to come.

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