3 Reasons Your Clients Should Opt for Auto Detailing Instead of an Automatic Car Wash

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Automatic car washes can cause damage to a vehicle

Automatic car washes are convenient, quick, and inexpensive. Therefore, it’s easy to understand why vehicle owners commonly opt for them. However, automatic car washes are for the most part too good to be true, and can cause real damage to vehicles. Automatic car washes are a haven for recycled dirt, grime, and strong chemicals that can dull, scratch, and damage a car over time.

Professional auto detailers are well versed in all things involved in keeping a car clean and looking its best. Car owners will be thanking you for making their well-loved cars look like new!

If you’re interested in becoming a professional auto detailer, you need to check out there three reasons why your services will be much more effective than an automatic car wash.

1. Auto Detailing Can Increase the Value of a Vehicle

Auto detailing professionals use high-quality products to meticulously clean vehicles inside and out. Good auto detailers pay close attention to detail and know exactly how to make a vehicle look its best. In addition, auto detailers play an important role in preserving the value of a vehicle. This is something an automatic car wash certainly does not do.

When auto detailers are cleaning the exterior of a vehicle, they take specific precautions in order to maintain the integrity of its protective coat. Precautions can include using the proper products and making sure their sponges and cloths are clean and free of grime. This protects the car from UV damage that fades and dulls a car’s shiny finish. These extra measures taken by auto detailers help keep a car in top shape and may increase its resale value in the future.

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Auto detailing protects a car’s shiny finish

2. Auto Detailing Can Prevent the Paint Damage Caused By Automatic Car Washes

When a vehicle drives into an automatic car wash, it is sprayed by high-pressure water and scrubbed down by brushes. Often the water used in car washes is recycled from past car washes and may have bits of dirt and grime in it. When this dirty water is sprayed at the car under massive amounts of pressure, it creates a sandblasting effect and can create little chips and scratches in the paint’s surface.

Professionals with auto detailing training know how important it is to use clean cloths and sponges when cleaning a vehicle. Unfortunately, car washes use the same sponges and brushes repeatedly. Any dirt and sand that was picked up during a previous car wash is scrubbed against the following cars. Little do most car owners know this causes swirl marks and scratches to the car’s paint.

3. Professional Auto Detailing Doesn’t Use Harsh Chemicals

In an effort to separate dirt from a car’s surface, automatic car washes use highly acidic chemicals and soaps. Although these chemicals may be effective in cleaning the car, they can cause severe damage to the vehicle’s protective coating. The acidity eats away at the surface, leaving some spots so badly damaged that the paint is left completely exposed to the elements. This can lead to corrosion and rusting, dulling of the finish, and even more scratches. By opting for your services as a professional auto detailer, car owners can avoid this damage because detailers use high-quality and gentler products when cleaning vehicles.

professional automotive detailing
Professional automotive detailing uses high-quality products

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