3 Reasons Auto Service Writers Need Great Communication Skills

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Many people think that they simply head over to the garage to speak with a mechanic when something goes wrong with their vehicle. What they don’t realize is that if mechanics had to stop what they were doing and leave the garage to greet customers as they come through the door, they wouldn’t be able to get much work done at all. That’s why automotive service writers (also known as service advisors) are an important part of any auto service business. They act as a link between customers and mechanics and make sure that everyone is served in a timely fashion.

If you’re planning on pursuing a career as a service writer, you might already know that although automotive knowledge is important in this role, communication skills are also key in any career where you deal with customers on a daily basis. Read on to learn about how your communication skills will come into play as a service writer.

1. An Auto Service Writer Offers Superior Customer Service

The first way that you’ll use your communication skills once you become a service writer is by offering great customer service. As a service advisor, you’ll be the first person customers see as they come through the door. No matter how packed the waiting room is, acknowledging customers with a greeting lets them know that their business is valued.

Listening skills are also an important part of communicating as an auto service writer. After customers are greeted, your job will be to listen as they describe their car trouble, and use your automotive knowledge to come up with ideas as to what the issue may be. Not only will this enable you to help them find a solution, it will also allow you to prioritize customer care and manage wait times, since some repairs take longer than others.

2. An Auto Service Writer Speaks and Translates Technical Lingo

After getting the customer’s description of their vehicle’s problems, auto service writers head to the shop to have a look at the car with a mechanic to determine what needs to be done. Mechanics diagnose car problems in technical terms that most people aren’t familiar with, which is why a service advisor’s communication skills come in handy.

It's crucial to discuss repair details with customers in understandable terms
It’s crucial to discuss repair details with customers in understandable terms

For example, if a customer comes in with trouble starting their car, they might not understand that they have a defective electronic steering column lock. In cases like this, it will be up to you to use your communication skills to explain the nature of the car issue in simple terms, as well as the steps required to perform the right repairs.

3. An Auto Service Writer is Also a Salesperson

Once a car issue has been found and the corrective repairs have been planned out, it will be up to you to speak with customers regarding the cost of parts and labour. This can be tricky, since most people will want the fastest and cheapest option available—which isn’t always the best option for their car. Some repairs take time, and sometimes parts need to be ordered. That’s why your communication and sales skills will come in very handy during this stage of customer interactions.

Sales in an automotive service advisor role isn’t about making a big profit in a short amount of time, it’s more about building a relationship with customers so that they’ll see your business as a trusted source for their automotive needs. If you can use communication skills to sell services, you can also use them to book regular maintenance checks so that customers don’t have to worry about major repairs down the road.

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