3 Reasons Why Taking Auto Mechanic Courses in Montreal Makes Sense

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A career as a mechanic is one that combines good pay and career stability with fun and challenging work. It allows you to work with your hands, tackle problems in new ways, and never stop learning as new car technology continues to drive the industry forward.

Whether you’ve wanted to become a mechanic since you were young, or are still deciding on a career path, there are plenty of reasons why now could be the best time yet to start your mechanic training—especially if you’re in Montreal.

High Car Sales Figures Promise Sustained Demand for Car Mechanics for Years to Come

Canada is currently seeking to increase its number of skilled professionals. This includes mechanics, who are highly sought after by auto shops and dealerships. In fact, the Government of Canada has given the employment outlook for mechanics a solid three out of three stars for the 2015-2024 period.

Canada’s burgeoning auto retail sector, set to have sold 2 million new vehicles by the end of the year, has contributed to vehicle ownership increases across the country and in Quebec. Last year, registered vehicles in Quebec climbed 2.5 per cent to 8.4 million, one of the biggest increases in the country. These new vehicles, plus the existing ones already on roads, will inevitably need tire changes and servicing. As these cars get older and need more extensive repairs, demand for mechanics will likely continue to be steady. For those who want a career that offers reliable demand, becoming a mechanic could be the answer.

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Receiving essential auto repair training opens the door to opportunities both national and local

Low Unemployment and a Dynamic Environment Beckons After Auto Mechanic Courses

Making the decision to take auto mechanic courses isn’t a light one, but there are plenty of reasons why doing so in Montreal can be especially beneficial. Established and trusted course providers in the city offer students exceptional hands-on training, which can help students achieve Red Seal Certification—a designation that allows them to work anywhere in Canada.

The city itself also offers stellar employment opportunities, with the lowest rate of unemployment seen since 1976 and the lion’s share of newly created jobs in the province. This represents an attractive career scenario for those considering auto repair school in Montreal.

Students Who Want to Work All Over Quebec Would Do Well to Take Auto Mechanic Training

Graduates of auto mechanic programs may not yet know exactly where they want to live and work, so choosing a career with plenty of demand across Quebec can be a good way to keep options open.

Luckily, studying how to become a mechanic in Montreal opens the door to a welcoming regional employment market. Government agencies maintain a list of areas in the vicinity of Montreal which are currently citing auto mechanics as an “occupation in demand.”

Particular alerts are in place for locations such as Laval, where a noted lack of qualified automotive mechanics is stressed. Many provincial employers outside Montreal have been forced to look abroad for automotive workers as winter has arrived, with some stating the situation has forced companies to compete heavily in their advertising. It all makes for a highly receptive labour market for those with the relevant qualifications. Whether you want to stay in Montreal or take your career to another city, completing auto mechanic training can help you get there.

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