3 Quick Tips for Professional Automotive Detailing for Car Shows

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If you’re into cars, there’s nothing like a car show. Getting to see a bunch of cool new or classic cars all shined up and on display is a real treat. Of course, cars don’t just come that way. It takes some hard work by detailing professionals to get cars ready for a big show.

Interested in putting your talents to work making cars look great for car shows? Here are a few tips to get cars looking their best for public display.

1. Grads of Auto Detailing Training Should Start With a Regular Cleaning

First things first: You have to work your regular auto detailing magic. The truth is, there isn’t an enormous difference between doing detailing work for a regular car and for a show car. You still need to do a good, detailed wash of the vehicle, and apply a high-quality wax and polish for added protection and sheen. The added level of scrutiny at a car show, though, means you should do your best to get the car as perfect as possible.

Don’t forget to make sure that the glass of the car is streak-free! Streaky or unclean glass looks pretty awful and can ruin the rest of the work you’ve done.

2. Very Important: Do Not Forget to Clean (or Replace) the Tires

It’s important to make sure every part of the car is showroom-ready, and that includes the tires. Your auto detailing training will prepare you to do a great job cleaning all kinds of tires so that your clients can leave the shop with a car that is squeaky clean from top to bottom. For showroom cars, your approach will be a little different. That’s because the quality of the treads is also important.

It might seem like a small distinction, but if a car’s tires look like they’ve been used extensively and its treads are worn down, it’s going to make the overall presentation of the car look a lot worse than it could. New tires with prominent treads just look a lot nicer, especially at a car show. If you see that a car’s tires are too worn down for cleaning, consider suggesting a tire replacement instead.

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Prominent treads look nicer than worn ones

3. Get Under The Hood! Use Your Auto Detailing Training to Clean the Engine Up

With cars, beauty isn’t only skin deep. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you get in and do professional automotive detailing on the engine when prepping a car for a show.

If a car gets driven around, it’s going to get a little dust and a little muck on and around the engine. Getting rid of all that grime can be a great way to take a car to that next level of quality.

professional automotive detailing
Cleaning a car’s engine will give it even more of a wow factor for shows

Be sure to protect sensitive components before getting down to washing, use a good degreaser to remove any oils that have accumulated, and do your best to get everything shiny. A little bit of engine protectant will keep your handiwork looking great for a while, and whenever show attendees check under the hood to see the car’s goods, they’re sure to be impressed by the level of cleanliness they see.

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