3 Qualities of Good Safety & Compliance Officers With Dispatcher Training

Great Communication Skills Can Help Grads of Dispatch Schools Be Good SC Officers

There are always certain risks involved in working around heavy vehicles like trucks, but the presence of a good safety and compliance (S&C) officer can do a lot to improve a team’s ability to stay safe while on the job.

Safety and compliance officers ensure that safety regulations and company policies are followed by employees. They can also carry out equipment and workplace inspections, and come up with new protocols to protect employees. For people who enjoy responsibility and taking care of a team, it can be a rewarding career path.

Curious about the kinds of qualities a good S&C officer will have? Here are a few examples.

1. Great Communication Skills Can Help Grads of Dispatch Schools Be Good S&C Officers

When it comes to safety, it’s crucial that everybody at a business is on the same page. A team member who doesn’t know how to follow proper safety procedures can endanger themselves and the rest of the team.

Different work environments can have different requirements for things like equipment maintenance standards, driver safety protocol, on-site vehicle speed, and more. Having an ability to communicate these policies well will allow a good S&C officer to clearly lay out the safety requirements for all employees, and ensure that everyone understands what is expected.

If you become an S&C officer after your dispatcher training, be sure to take your time when going through safety protocol with new hires. Encourage them to ask questions, and be patient as you explain the answers. This will ensure that they get a good grasp of how to work within company regulations.

2. At All Times, a Good S&C Officer Will Follow the Rules Themselves

If a safety officer ignores some of the rules, it sets a poor precedent to other employees. After all, if they feel comfortable ignoring the rules, how important are they? Other employees might start ignoring similar regulations, and begin a domino effect that can lead to serious safety concerns over time.

For that reason, one of the most important things a good S&C officer can do is also one of the simplest: they can follow the rules they expect everyone else to follow. By following all the safety rules in your own career as an S&C officer, you will add a sense of legitimacy to the requests you make of other employees. The result can be better adherence to company policies, and better safety overall.

3. Good S&C Officers With Dispatcher Training Respond Quickly to Problems

Good S&C officers recognize the importance of reacting quickly to unsafe situations, and of addressing systematic problems that continually lead to issues arising. This will be a good habit for you to get into if you work in S&C after attending truck dispatcher courses in BC.

If, for example, you notice hazards caused by faulty communications tools used by drivers, it would be good to be proactive in pushing for a new system. Or, if you notice a pattern of problems stemming from a particular driver’s actions, a warning or disciplinary action might help prevent that streak from continuing or worsening. Taking the initiative in solving problems will help you improve the safety of employees, and allow for smoother, more efficient operations.

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