3 Key Things to Include on Your Resume After Dispatch Training

A well-written resume can make a huge difference for you in landing a career in the transportation and dispatch sector. Opportunities are vast within the transportation industry for graduates from the Dispatching and Transportation Operations training at ATC Surrey looking to specialize in highway or local dispatch. Highlighting all the relevant and important details of your experience will demonstrate to prospective employers that you are the right and qualified person for the position. 

At ATC Surrey, we provide you with an experienced and dedicated staff who will support you every step of the way and highlight what you need to succeed in your career, so you can add it to your qualifications. Read on to learn the three key things to include on your resume for your dispatch career.

1. Adding Technical Skills From Dispatch Training Gives You an Edge

Adding your specific technical skills related to a dispatch career will give you an edge over other candidates. For instance, you can highlight technical skills in scheduling, coordinating, and dispatching trucks for deliveries. You can also highlight your expertise in interpreting and adhering to safety rules and guidelines, and your accuracy in reviewing and completing daily route paperwork. During dispatch training at ATC Surrey, you will also gain hands-on experience using industry-standard software, as well as general automotive knowledge that will help you in the field. All these technical skills will add value to your qualifications. 

Dispatch training will provide you with technical skills that you can highlight on your resume

2. Education is Key to a Successful Career

Education is key to having a fulfilling and successful career. Employers are on the lookout for top talent who can demonstrate that they are qualified to do the job they were hired for. Employers are hesitant to hire and train new employees who aren’t career-ready because, in business, time is money. That’s why highlighting your education from a dispatcher school on your resume will showcase to prospective employers the knowledge and expertise you’ve gained throughout your training, and the area of specialization that you are qualified in. Also, you are sending out an important sign to prospective employers that you are a dedicated person who is willing to go above and beyond to succeed in your professional life.  

3. Soft Skills Are the Cherry on Top of Your Resume 

Getting into the dispatching and transportation industry requires a combination of both technical skills and soft skills. While technical knowledge is important, soft skills are the cherry on top that employers look for when hiring potential employees. A dispatching career requires that you are in constant communication with your co-workers, drivers, executives, customers, and different departments. 

Possessing excellent soft skills creates a positive environment throughout your career

Having excellent communication and customer service skills is essential because employers will rely on you to be professional and courteous when handling all customer-related inquiries. Highlighting your excellent soft skills assures prospective employers that the positive image of their business will be placed in good hands when you are hired. 

With these three things included on your resume, you will be off to a great start in attracting employers, landing interviews, and getting hired. 

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