3 Job Opportunities You Might Not Expect to Get Following Your Dispatch Training

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Dispatching: it’s a world full of possibilities. All over the country, dispatchers play an essential role in making sure that shipments reach their destinations. That helps keep store shelves stocked, parcels delivered on time, and many aspects of the Canadian economy running smoothly.

Jobs in the trucking industry can be very rewarding—and include a lot of variety. In fact, dispatch training can prepare you for a number of different career paths. What are they? Here’s just a taste of some of the opportunities that await!

Your Dispatch Training Could Lead You to Becoming a Loss Prevention Administrator

Working as a loss prevention administrator is an incredibly important role that has a big impact on the smooth and uninterrupted shipment of goods all over the country. As a loss prevention administrator, you are responsible for preventing cargo theft, as well as making and putting plans into motion to prevent assets from being lost. It’s important to be extra careful and have very good awareness of your surroundings (and make sure that driver s have great situational awareness, too), as both the cargo and the truck expected to carry it can be vulnerable to theft.

The Canadian economy takes an annual hit of $5 billion through cargo theft. That number might make this career path seem intimidating. However, such figures also help to illustrate just how important addressing this problem can be.

You Could Be a Log Book Auditor

This occupation is a fascinating one for those doing their dispatch training who are adept with numbers. As a log book auditor, you will be responsible for auditing an employee’s driving time and making sure they abide by service regulations (including preparing spreadsheets and online documentation). In fact, large fleets tend to hire a designated log book auditor rather than it being the dispatcher’s responsibility.

In this role, you’ll have to make sure time logging requirements are being met. You may also be asked to educate drivers on complying with NSC regulations, take appropriate action with false driver logs, or monitor the results of roadside inspections. Whatever the case, your responsibility is to ensure compliance with the law on the driver’s part, en route toward a job well done.

Dispatch Training Could Lead You to a Career as a Load Planner

Working in collaboration with fleet managers and dispatchers, load planners map out how the shipping process goes forward. By choosing this career path, you’ll be trying to make the process of transporting cargo as fast and efficient as possible, so you’ll have happy colleagues and even happier customers.


As a load planner, you’ll work with others to help manage the dispatching process
As a load planner, you’ll work with others to help manage the dispatching process

In this position, you’ll also communicate any problems with deliveries to your colleagues and superiors, as well as possibly manage other members of your driver fleet. If you’re someone who’s excellent at communication, multitasking, and leadership, you might really enjoy this career path. For students in dispatch schools who have a flair for making magic happen behind the scenes, this could be a viable option!

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