3 James Bond Auto Technology Features that Became Reality

auto technology There’s a few things James Bond is famous for: his love of martinis, his ability to seemingly outwit anyone in the world, and, of course, his deadly use of technology to sneak and sleuth his way through the world. Some of the more deadly technological tools that Bond has used over the years have thankfully remained in the sphere of cinema, but a lot of very useful and amazing technologies have actually become reality. Now you don’t need Britain’s secret service to outfit you with the latest technology, since a lot of it is available to purchase.

Read on to discover three Bond-inspired automotive technologies available today.

1. Students in Auto Technology Training Will Love These Tires

Ever been out driving and run into a flat? Depending on where you are, it can be pretty brutal. Auto mechanics see their fair share of flat tires that barely roll into their garage, but thanks to Bond’s innovations, it doesn’t have to be this way. There is a famous scene in the Goldfinger film, which shows James Bond using his Aston Martin to launch a tire shredding device to destroy his opponent’s tires. Later on, Bond attempts the same tactic, and although the enemy’s tires are shredded, she drives away unaffected. Fast-forward to the emergence of run-flat tires, a semi-new auto technology that allows cars to drive after having a tire blow out. Although expensive, drivers can more easily keep their cars on the road with this new Bond-inspired technology!

2. Could Auto Mechanics in Cambridge Fly to Toronto in this Bond-esque Flying Car?

The ninth bond film to be made was called The Man With The Golden Gun, and it’s true, he had a golden gun—which is only mildly cool. The piece of equipment that the Bond villain should have been recognized for was his flying car! The bond villain, named “Pistols” Scaramanga, had an AMC Matador coupe that converted into a car that could fly. No longer is this type of converted automobile reserved for the big screen. Recently the car industry has seen the emergence of multiple flying car designs. The TerraFugia TF-X is a flying car that has fold-in wings which allow it to drive on the road but, with the help of a 300hp engine, can also fly up to a distance of 800 kilometers at 320 kilometers per hour. The car is still in its testing stages, but could one day be available for market.

3. Auto Technology Professionals Will Love the New Remote Control Features of Automobiles

Never mind leaving the garage and driving your customer’s car into the garage bay, you can now do it via smartphone. In the 1997 Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies, Bond averts his enemies by hiding in the back of a BMW which he controls via his not-so-smart 1997 Nokia phone. The film was ahead of its time, as always, and recently Range Rover has released a remote controlled Range Rover Sport that can be driven via smartphone. Students in an automotive technology program may be witness to the inception of customers driving their cars into the shop from the coffee shop down the street! This technology has really shaken up the industry—I spy some awesome changes ahead in the automotive world!

Check out the driverless action in the video below:
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVbzCrdTg2o]
Bond films have inspired popular culture in so many ways, but little did we know they have also inspired advances in our technological world!

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