3 Issues Collision Estimators Can Find After Minor Accidents

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When a vehicle is brought into an auto body repair shop after a minor or major collision, problems can either be very obvious or not obvious at all. The best auto collision estimators and auto mechanics know to look for hidden issues that may not be evident without opening the hood and taking a closer look. Even though the damage on the outside may not look to be that bad, damage within the car could be a completely different ball game.

As a collision estimator, you can help catch unexpected issues that sometimes occur after minor automotive accidents. Read on to find out more.

1. Collision Estimators Could Find Tire Alignment Issues After a Minor Accident

Alignment issues often go unnoticed by drives because they can start off minor and worsen over time. As the driver continues to operate the vehicle, it could cause the misalignment to become increasingly dramatic. This could cause the vehicle to trend left or right while driving. In addition, it could cause uneven wear on the tires, potentially leading to a blow out. As a collision estimator, being aware of this common issue can help your clients get the car repairs they need to stay safe on the road.


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Minor car accidents can damage a vehicle’s wheel alignment


2. After an Accident, Collision Estimators Could Encounter Electrical Wiring Problems

The electrical wiring within a vehicle is extremely fragile. The jostle from even a tiny bump between cars could cause wires to come loose. Drivers may not realize that wiring has been compromised until it starts to disconnect and cause issues with engine light indicators, the gas light, and more.

Problems with wiring can impact anti-theft systems, electric windows, and locks. It can also cause damage to the connectors of the vehicle’s battery, which could end up leaving a driver stranded. In extreme circumstances, loose wiring can cause an electrical fire—putting the entire vehicle and driver at risk. Professionals with auto body estimator training know these issues can be expensive to fix. Your clients will thank you for catching these problems immediately!

3. Collision Estimators Could Find Cracked Tubes Like Lower Radiator Hoses

During a minor collision, it’s not uncommon for tubes and hoses within the vehicle to crack or be punctured. When upper and lower radiator hoses and heater hoses break, it can cause important fluids like coolant to leak within the vehicle. Often, the driver won’t realize the leak has occurred until several days after an accident. This is particularly common with coolant. If the coolant leaks or gets backed up, it could lead to overheating and gasket failure.

Making sure you are aware of the problem will help you catch it when your clients come into the shop after the accident. In addition to cracks and punctures, tubes can also get kinks that stop the flow of fluid throughout the vehicle.

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