3 Inventory Management Tips for Auto Service College Students

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Once you become an automotive parts specialist, you will play a very important role in making sure parts are available for vehicle repairs as you need them. Proper inventory control is paramount to automotive businesses, because it directly affects profit margins and can greatly impact the customer experience.

Students who enroll in auto service courses receive thorough training in the areas of automotive parts and systems, parts management, customer communication, marketing, and pricing. Once they go on to their professional careers, they may even find themselves responsible for managing their company’s inventory levels.

With the auto parts expertise you will gain in your auto service courses, as well as the help of a few useful inventory management tips, you’ll be able smoothly to manage stock throughout your career.

1. Grads of Auto Service College Should Use Data to Manage Inventory

Data doesn’t lie. That’s why all professionals who handle inventory should rely on data when making decisions. Once you’ve graduated from auto service college and started your career, this tip will come in handy.

Maintaining proper inventory levels can be challenging. It may be hard to know when an influx of customers will want a product, or what your base level of stock should be. By referring to data from past years, you’ll be able to see how much of each item was sold during that time of the year. These numbers will be helpful when you’re figuring out what you should order, as well as how much of it to store in the shop.

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Referring to historical data can help predict how much stock is needed

2. Grads of Auto Service Programs Should Use Inventory Management Software

Some shops and stores still use the old fashioned method of inventory control by keeping paper copies of inventory records. Moving to the 21st century and using inventory management software can greatly increase your capabilities! Professionals with careers in the auto industry know the power of these programs and that’s why they swear by them. Inventory management software can provide an easy look at how much inventory you’ve ordered, what’s sold, and how long the items have been sitting in your stock room.

Papers and excel spreadsheets are a recipe for disaster if something gets lost or accidently deleted. By switching to a computerized inventory management system, it’ll be easier for you to provide great customer service. For example, if a frustrated car owner walks into your shop, you can immediately let them know if you have a part in stock without having to dig around a stock room. Also, there’s a more likely chance you will have the item in stock to begin with.

Since many auto parts professionals have a commission-based pay structure, this could also be financially beneficial to you during your career!

3. Grads of Auto Service College Should Track Incoming Inventory

It may be tempting to completely trust your suppliers, but it often happens that a delivery wasn’t packed correctly. From time to time, mistakes can happen and you may not end up with all the stock your receipt slip might claim.

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Confirming deliveries is important for maintaining inventory

To ensure there are no discrepancies between what you’ve ordered and what’s been delivered, it’s important to open each delivery and verify all the stock. This may seem redundant, but it can save you a headache in the long run if parts are missing or damaged. By carefully inspecting new stock, you can make sure that your shop’s inventory stays in top shape throughout your career.

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