3 Things to Include on Your Resume as an Auto Body Technician

Crafting a well-written resume is your ticket to success in the automotive industry. There are many opportunities out there for professional auto body technicians, and it is essential that you get your resume spot on in order to land your dream job. Your resume should demonstrate to an employer that you have the technical knowledge, soft skills, and practical experience that will allow you to excel in the position. 

A resume is your chance to highlight your strengths and provide further details about your specific area of expertise. At ATC Surrey, our dedicated instructors will guide and support you at every step of the way by highlighting what you need to succeed in your career. Read on to discover what you should include in your resume to get started in your career. 

1. Impress Employers With Your Auto Body Training

Employers tend to look for candidates who already have proper training in the field they are hiring for, in order to save time and money on training a new employee from scratch. That is why it is important that you highlight your knowledge of the position at hand and the expertise that you gained through auto body training. If you’re considering a career in the industry, you can complete your training at ATC Surrey and highlight on your resume the area of specialization that you are pursuing, such as work as an Auto Body Repair Technician, Auto Body Painting Prep Technician, or Auto Body Refinisher.

Highlighting your auto body training on your resume will showcase your knowledge and expertise in the field

2. Highlighting Your Technical Skills Gives You an Edge

During your training as an auto body technician, you will be exposed to different real-world scenarios concerning vehicle repairs. You will gain firsthand knowledge and technical skills on how to handle all auto body-related issues, from inspecting vehicles and managing parts to performing repairs. Your hands-on experience gives added value to your resume, as you demonstrate your level of expertise in auto body repair, preventive maintenance, and troubleshooting skills. Employers will feel confident that you can manage the daily responsibilities of the position from the get-go.

3. A Resume Is Not Complete Without Soft Skills

Working as an auto body technician requires that you not only have the technical skills to perform the job, but also the soft skills to accompany them. Your daily work won’t only be focused on inspecting and repairing auto body-related issues, but also communicating with customers regularly, as they share with you their issues and concerns regarding their vehicles. 

An auto body technician must have excellent customer service skills as you communicate regularly with customers

That’s why highlighting your customer service skills on your resume is important for your line of career. Employers within the automotive industry rely on their workers to be courteous, to handle all customer-related queries in a professional manner, and to create an atmosphere that will encourage customers to return. At ATC Surrey, we provide you with relevant training in the automotive and transportation field that you can use towards building your resume and taking the first step in your career.

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