3 Habits That Make Auto Service Writers Better Supervisors

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Auto service writers play a crucial role in automotive shops. With a keen knowledge of vehicles and great customer service skills, service writers advise clients about which repairs and parts their vehicle needs. They also get the repair process started by liaising with mechanics and other workers in the shop.

Service advisors play an important part in a shop’s operations by keeping everything running smoothly and on-time. This is especially true with service advisors who take on a supervision role. If you’re considering enrolling in a service writer program and have natural leadership skills, a career as an auto service writer supervisor could be for you!

Read on to learn more about three habits of great supervisors.

1. Automotive Service Writer Supervisors Should Lead by Example

Setting a good example is a habit supervisors should make. When you’re leading a team, it’s important to demonstrate that you’re not exempt from working hard. If you work diligently, stay on schedule, and produce great results, your team is more likely to follow your lead.

When leading by example, it’s much easier to manage employees and their expectations of what a hard day’s work is, and you also avoid the risk of looking hypocritical. Your employees will respect the fact that you’re not afraid to help out when the shop gets hectic. In return, your employees will work their hardest to make sure the shop run smoothly.

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Leading by example is a great way to motivate your team to work hard

2. Automotive Service Writer Supervisors Should Acknowledge Employee Success

Valuing the hard work that employees put in is something many supervisors and managers forget to do. However, this one habit can make a huge difference in an employee’s attitude towards their workplace and job. Therefore, it’s extremely important to give credit where credit is due.

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Acknowledging employees’ hard work is a habit of good supervisors

According to Inc.com, of all employees who don’t feel valued in the workplace, 50 per cent plan on finding a new job the following year. This means valuable, talented employees could leave your company if they aren’t receiving the recognition they deserve. In order to ensure each of the workers you’re supervising feels valued once you begin your service advisor career, make it a habit to tell employees they’re doing a great job. You can even implement some sort of reward system that thanks employees for a job well done.

3. Automotive Service Writer Supervisors Should Practice Active Listening

Have you ever had an experience where a supervisor brushed you off or failed to listen to what you were saying? If you have, it likely made you feel undervalued, disappointed, and annoyed. Failing to slow down and listen to employees is a bad habit some supervisors have. When auto shops get busy and are bursting at the seams with customers, it’s easy to overlook what an employee is saying. Regardless, it’s very important for automotive service writer supervisors to slow down and listen intently to what employees have to say.

Not only does practicing active listening demonstrate that you value your employees’ opinions, it could also help prevent unfortunate incidents from happening. Auto shop workers are on the ground of the business observing what’s happening every day. Therefore, they can offer valuable insight into potential issues that may come up, or even offer ways you can mitigate problems before they occur.

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