3 Exciting Kits for the Auto Body Technician Student

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Body kits are becoming more and more popular as car enthusiasts look to customize their vehicles and add statement features that can improve the drive experience.

At some point in your career as an auto body technician, you may need to install a body kit. This process involves buying the bumpers, side guards, paint, spoilers and any other parts, measuring the car and checking that the parts are the right dimension, and then replacing the car’s parts with the new body.

Whether your priority is a standout look or racecar-like drive, there is a whole variety of body kits to choose from. Discover three of our favourites below.

Turn the Suzuki Jimny into a Land Rover Defender with ‘Little D’

The Suzuki Jimny has been around since the 1970s. Relaunched this year, the 2020Jimny is available in five-speed manual or four-speed automatic drive.

For drivers who love the feel of this car, but wish it looked more impressive – like a Land Rover Defender, for example–Japanese company Dream Automotive Design and Development (DAMD) have created a body kit to do just that.

Nicknamed the ‘Little D’, an auto body technician can install this kit by switching out the grille, front and rear bumpers, bonnet, and lights, and bolting on the replacements. The new overfenders and wheel archers can then be easily stuck on with no need for cutting or welding work.

DAMD has also developed a number of other body kits for the Suzuki Jimny which could morph the vehicle into a Mercedes G-Class, a Ford Bronco, or even replicate the look of the original Jimny from the 70s with a retro interior.

The Alpha X S550 Widebody Mustang is a Dream Come True for Any Auto Body Technician

If you want a jaw-dropping, envy-inspiring body kit, then look no further than the Alpha X S550 Widebody Mustang.

No expense has been spared on this 19-piece kit for the Ford Mustang. The carbon fibre material is lightweight, expensive and stands out. In addition, the combination of hood scoop, front splitters and three-piece ducktail spoiler make this car look and drive like a sports car thanks to its impressive aerodynamics.

Adding spoilers using a body kit can really help a car stand out
Adding spoilers using a body kit can really help a car stand out

As any auto body repair technician knows, widebody kits are designed to stand out, and this is no exception. The Alpha X S550 gives the Mustang an aggressive stance, with larger, wider wheels and tires. For a driver looking for a unique and striking design with extra power to boot, this body kit might just be worth the money.

The Liberty Walk LB for the Ferrari 458 is a Body Kit that Sounds as Good as it Looks

Over the last few years,Liberty Walk has become a respected name in the world of body kits. The Japanese firm creates kits for vehicles of all shapes, sizes, and speeds. This includes the beloved Ferrari 458.

The Liberty Walk LB Ferrari 458 is a thing of beauty. This body kit keeps the same flowing shape of the stock 458, but adds some extra sports car aggression with wide overfenders and a ducktail spoiler on the back.

This body kit doesn’t just look good, it sounds good too. ARMYXTRIX centre pipes give the car a satisfying growl when accelerating.

At more than $30,000, this body kit is an investment, but given the car itself costs just under $300,000, the extra expense might not phase drivers looking to make their Ferrari stand out even more.

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