3 Essential Pieces of Equipment You’ll Use After Auto Detailing Training

Certain tools and equipment in every occupation are synonymous with a role or industry at large. Practitioners in those fields are expected to master the usage of these tools as demonstrable evidence of their competence or aptitude. This applies to auto detailing as well. 

Auto detailing tools and equipment are necessary for improved efficiency and productivity. Proficiency in the usage of these tools may also serve to reassure customers of your ability to take adequate care of their vehicles.

As someone taking the first tentative steps in an auto detailing career, chances are you’ve already been exposed to these pieces of equipment during auto detailing training. As you begin your professional journey, here are three essential pieces of equipment you’ll come in most contact with at an auto body shop.

1. Basic Car Detailing Equipment You’ll Use In Auto Detailing Training

Auto detailing training is designed to help transition from classroom to body shop easier for budding detailers. As such, its most important function is to help students get familiar with industry tools and equipment.

One such piece of equipment is a steam cleaner. Steam cleaners eliminate dust, dirt, and other debris in a car’s interior, particularly in and around its upholstery. They are adept at getting to those hard-to-reach spots in the car, leaving it looking thoroughly refreshed.

A few steam cleaners have hybrid functions; they perform steam washing and cleaning functions. With high steam pressures, steam cleaners can make short work of washing and vacuuming cars or shampooing the upholstery and carpets of cars.

An auto steam cleaner can help get rid of dirt, debris, and pollen from car interiors.

A steam cleaner also comes with various handy tools, including an extractor gun and a steam gun. These tools can help you get through detailing jobs quicker while still delivering excellent results.

2. Exterior Car Detailing Equipment

A car’s exterior often serves as the litmus test of a detailer’s competence, and many auto body shop owners are careful to deliver a sterling job here. Often, this would require the use of specialized equipment.

The electric pressure washer is the most common auto exterior detailing equipment in body shops. There are quite a few varieties of electric pressure washers. However, they function just as you might expect them to–they clean cars by blasting high-pressure hot or cold water onto the car’s exterior. 

While pressure washers are effective, they do not require much technical knowledge. Once you’ve graduated from automotive school, it won’t take you too long to master this tool.

Auto exterior detailing removes stains and grease from a vehicle’s body, helping it regain its shine.

3. Technical Car Detailing Equipment

Mechanical polishers and sanders are more technical equipment in an auto detailing shop. This uses a variety of pads to polish and sand various parts of a vehicle’s body. The polisher is typically equipped with different foam pad attachments to be used effectively. Various manufacturers sell polishers and pads separately or as kits. It is possible to use a variety of pad attachments, such as those for polishing or cleaning.

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