3 Essential Loss Prevention Practices for Dispatch School Graduates

No matter the type of business, loss prevention is fundamental to its success. Loss refers to losing, damaging, or having goods stolen. In the transportation industry, goods must be kept safe during storage, loading, and transit. As a dispatch school graduate, you’ll be eager to ensure that no unnecessary losses are seen at the company that employs you. There are several measures you can implement that’ll do this effectively over both the short- and long-term, building upon what you will learn during your training. 

Want to know more about what practices you can employ for loss prevention after completing dispatch school? Continue reading below! 

1. Screen Prospective Employees Before Hiring

When looking to hire new staff members, it is imperative to screen them thoroughly before hiring. Check their prior work history and research why they left or were released from their previous jobs. In the case of drivers, ensure that their licenses are valid and clean and that they have a good report with their previous company. By doing extensive checks on prospective staff members, their capabilities and suitability for the job can be discerned. It also allows you to get references to learn if they were trustworthy and had no instances of loss in their previous workplace.

During dispatch training, you learn about hiring the correct drivers and ensuring they are trustworthy and capable. You check their licenses, certificates, and other documentation they have. The same principles apply to the rest of the staff members you’ll look to hire, and by implementing such measures, you have a higher chance of weeding out the potential individuals who may cause losses. 

2. Use GPS Tracking as Taught in Dispatch School

GPS tracking is fundamental to preventing loss and allows you to track drivers at all times to ensure vehicles don’t stop or detour unnecessarily. If a vehicle diverts from the registered travel path, some GPS devices can send an alert, allowing for an immediate response, and the driver is contacted about the situation. This helps monitor the vehicle and cargo to maintain security and ensure the truck reaches its destination. GPS tracking devices are simple to install, work from an internal battery or connect to the vehicle’s battery, and with consistent monitoring, route history, and deviation alert capabilities, it is easier to prevent losses from occurring.

Use GPS tracking devices to prevent loss, as taught in dispatch training.

As part of dispatch school, you’ll learn to monitor and manage multiple trucks driving simultaneously, each with a GPS tracking device to improve safety and prevent loss. The situation can sometimes be overwhelming with so much information being fed back. This is why during training, you are presented with situations that may be overwhelming. You learn to manage the situation and successfully resolve any issues which may arise. The course is taught theoretically and practically to ensure that, as a graduate, you are prepared for any working environment and can build upon the practical knowledge gained.

3. Take Inventory Control and Spontaneous Loading Checks

Taking inventory control and random inspection of loads and trucks means that you’ll keep everyone on their feet and may potentially catch any malpractice as it occurs. During dispatch training, you learn how to do inventory control and can implement it as a loss prevention method. If inventory pieces are missing, you can investigate the scene around them and check the cameras covering them. 

Continual random vehicle inspections are an effective way to prevent loss after dispatch school.

By checking trucks, you can inspect that the vehicle will be safe to drive and should get to its destination without major problems, helping to prevent loss from truck failure. Load checks will allow you to see if the load is secured properly and is all there. Overall, doing checks spontaneously and an inventory check every day allows you to be aware when things go missing or if something is not done correctly and remedy the situation with the person responsible.

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