3 Common Maintenance Errors You’ll Encounter in Auto Careers

auto service writer
Auto service writers can help customers avoid making maintenance mistakes

No matter how much your customers love their vehicles, some automotive owners will neglect maintenance, preventative measures, and tune-ups. Busy lives, hectic schedules, and maintenance costs all play a role when vehicles owners decide to opt out of getting their vehicles serviced. Although the negative effects may not be immediate, over time vehicle owners could see their cars break down if they ignore preventable issues.

Auto service writers play an important role in auto shops. Acting as the liaison between the customer and the mechanic, auto writers help vehicle owners get the repairs and help they need. Good auto service writers emphasize the importance of vehicle maintenance. They encourage their customers to come in as soon as they have an issue and advise their customers to never skip preventative car care.

During your career, you’ll advise plenty of customers on their various vehicle problems. Many of the problems you will witness during your career will likely be caused by these common maintenance errors.

1. Auto Service Writers Will See Damage After Customers Ignore the Engine Light

When the engine light of a vehicle goes on, the vehicle is indicating to the driver that something is wrong. After cracking open the hood and unsuccessfully diagnosing the issue, many owners will delay a trip to the shop and continue driving. But that will all come to a halt when the vehicle breaks down after the problem has been ignored for days, possibly even weeks.

As a professional auto service writer, you can create a great customer experience by clearly explaining what needs to be done to fix the car, providing an accurate cost estimate, and updating the customer on the progress of repairs. In addition to those duties, respectfully advising your customers to seek the help of a mechanic as soon as the check engine light goes on could help prevent another costly mistake.

automotive service writer
The engine light could be indicating a major mechanical issue

2. Pros with Auto Careers Might See Customers Fail to Change Their Vehicles’ Air Filters

Air filters may seem like a minor aspect of maintenance for vehicle owners. However, professionals with auto careers know a neglected air filter can wreak havoc on an engine. Air filters keep dirt particles and contaminants from entering the vehicle’s air conditioning, engine, and fuel systems. When air filters get too dirty, they can inhibit a vehicle’s gas mileage or even cause an engine to seize and wear out. During your career as an auto service writer, you can bring awareness to this issue by educating your clients on the importance of having their air filters changed regularly.

3. Automotive Service Writers Could Witness the Effects of Skipping Oil Changes

Newer vehicles don’t require as many oil changes as older ones, but they still need to be properly maintained. When a vehicle owner lets their oil get too dirty it can cause a whole range of issues. The engine will become prone to overheating, it will run less efficiently, and it could even cause engine parts to warp and become worn out. All of these issues will land a customer in the shop. Instead of spending less than a hundred dollars on an oil change, they could end up paying thousands of dollars in maintenance. By advising your clients to avoid skipping oil changes, you can help them save money and keep their cars running for a long time.

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Regular oil changes prevent engine issues

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