3 Common Auto Repair Myths you’ll Hear in your Service Advisor Career

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Working as a service advisor will give you the chance to have plenty of customer interactions as they come in and out of the shop for check-ups, routine maintenance, and repairs. You’ll notice that when it comes to cars, people tend to have all kinds of opinions about what they think might be wrong, and the repair or maintenance work they feel would be the best solution.

Although there are many people who are experienced and know what they’re talking about when it comes to auto repair, there are also a lot of auto repair myths out there. When customers believe some of these auto myths instead of trusting the professionals, it could lead to them waiting too long for routine maintenance, spending money unnecessarily, and more.

If you’re planning on becoming a service advisor, there are a few common auto repair myths that you might come across throughout your career. With your training, not only will you be able to debunk these myths, you’ll also help customers get the best care for their car.

Myth #1 You’ll Hear in Your Service Advisor Career: Changing Air Filters Improves Fuel Mileage

Although changing dirty air filters is an important part of a car’s routine maintenance, replacing them will not increase fuel mileage. At worst, a dirty air filter can restrict an engine’s airflow, which might affect performance. Explaining this to customers during your service advisor career can save them from future headaches if they think that changing the air filter is a quick fix for a fuel mileage issue. Parts that may need to be replaced to improve fuel mileage can include spark plugs and mass airflow sensors.

Filters are for cleaning air that gets pulled into an engine's combustion chamber
Filters are for cleaning air that gets pulled into an engine’s combustion chamber

Myth #2 You’ll Hear in Your Service Advisor Career: Independent Shops can Void a Car’s Warranty

Anyone who works in the auto industry knows that warranties can be tricky. One common belief held by a lot of car owners is that if they go to their local independent garage, any service or repairs may void their manufacturer warranty.

The truth is that warranties only become invalid once the servicing outlined in the warranty isn’t completed in a timely fashion. For example, if a warranty states that a specific vehicle model requires an oil change after 5,000 km, then a customer who waits until after 12,000 km before getting an oil change can void the manufacturer warranty on the engine.

Myth #3 You’ll Hear in Your Service Advisor Career: The Dealership Does it Better

A myth that many pros with automotive service advisor training hear often is that authorized dealerships are more capable of performing repairs. This can lead to customers visiting the garage for small maintenance checks and diagnoses, but when there’s an issue that needs to be repaired, they take their business to the dealership. The reality is that many independent auto shops have just as many—and sometimes more—trained professionals and equipment to handle any automotive issue.

If you end up working for an independent garage during your future career, you might find out that some customers are choosing to go to their dealership to get serious work done. That’s why it might be important to assure them that not only is their car in reliable hands, but that they might even save a few bucks by getting the work done at your independent shop.

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