3 Of The Best Car Dryers For Auto Detailing Career Pros

Professionals with auto detailing careers should check out these car dryers

When performing an auto detailing job for clients, the last step is usually to wash and dry the automobile before presenting the car back to the customer. Washing cars isn’t as easy as washing dishes, you can’t just leave the water to dry on the car’s body or you could damage its exterior.

Over time, car washing and improper drying techniques can lead to ‘swirls’, or ‘spider webs’, which are little conglomerations of micro-scratches that ultimately reduce a car’s value and makes it look bad. By taking the time to properly dry your client’s car after a wash, you can save the car’s paint a lot of life and make sure your client remains a happy customer. Drying every part of the car can be hard with just a cloth, especially in little nooks and crannies, and the less you touch the car while drying the better, which is why handheld car dryers come in handy. There is an extensive array of car dryers to choose from, and students will come across their fair share of dryers in their auto detailing careers.

Read on to discover just three of the best car dryers used by professionals with auto detailing careers.

1. Students in Auto Detailing Training May Prefer the New McKee Dryer

The McKee 36 Turbo Car Dryer currently has a 4.5/5 customer review rating on Autogeek.net because it’s a small yet powerful handheld car dryer. It has a 6.5 horsepower engine that is powerful enough to blow water out from tight spots on your client’s car. It also features a 35 foot power cord that eliminates the need for additional extension cords, and the hose tip is vinyl coated, meaning if you accidently touch the car paint with your hose nozzle, the paint won’t get scratched.

In your upcoming auto detailing career, consider the McKee dryer for a trusty handheld dryer that won’t break the bank, but will push water where you need it to go; off the car and onto the ground.

2. The Air Force Master Blaster Offers Lots of Power for Those with Auto Detailing Careers

If you want to scare the water droplets before you blow them off your car, the new Air Force Master Blaster produces 8hp that can really eliminate any stagnant water droplets quickly. The Air Force Master Blaster is advertised as being able to cut your drying time by 80 per cent and features a fan with two stages and two speeds to make sure you’re not overusing energy when you don’t have to. These fans also help to ensure the blower doesn’t overheat. Plus, the Air Force Master Blaster only weighs about 16 lbs, so professional detailers can carry it around the car in order to get into hard-to-reach spaces. But you don’t have to carry the unit if you don’t want to! It even comes fitted with wheels so you can roll it around and not strain your arms.

3. The Chemical Guys Jet Speed Dryer Is Lightweight Power for Students in Auto Detailing Training

The Jet Speed VX6 Professional Surface Air Dryer and Blower is the lightest and smallest of the group for students in professional automotive detailing. Let’s face it, we live in a world where money rules, and the beauty of the jet speed dryer is that it costs a fraction of the price of other dryers, coming in at a whopping $72 CAD. It also weighs only 2.6 pounds, which is about three times the amount of an American football, but it still has a pretty large amount of power. If you want a lightweight, compact and powerful little car dryer, the Chemical Guys Jet Speed Dryer may be the right way to go.

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