3 Things Auto Mechanics Should Know About Cadillac’s New Escala Concept

The new transmission in the Cadillac is one of a kind

In a booming luxury car market, Cadillac has seemingly been left behind. Once an icon of the American dream and boasting some of the largest sales in the auto market, Cadillac has seen an unfortunate drop in consumer interest. In 2014, Cadillac’s sales dipped 6.5 per cent. But with Cadillac’s unveiling of the new Escala concept car, a possible re-birth for the struggling automaker might be just around the corner. Many concept cars have gone on to become best-sellers, including the Dodge Viper and the Audi R8. Will Cadillac’s new Escala concept continue the trend?

Read on to discover three things that auto mechanics should understand about the new Escala concept!

1. Auto Mechanics Will Love the ‘Heart’ of the Escala: A Twin-Turbo V8

The engine that is proposed for the Cadillac Escala is huge. It’s a 4.2-liter twin-turbo V8, which is likely to produce upwards of 500 horsepower. Cadillac has confirmed that the engine is slated for production. Hopefully this is a sign that the Escala will be coming to life.

GM has also just produced a 10-speed automatic transmission for the Escala, which is the first 10-speed automatic transmission that is slated for production cars. Vice-President of GM Global Propulsion Systems Dan Nicholson explains that the transmission will provide “world-class shift times that are on par with the world’s best dual-clutch transmissions and the refinement that comes only from a true automatic, the 10-speed delivers incomparable performance on and off the track.” Cadillac fans and auto mechanics may be in for one of the fastest and smoothest shifting Cadillacs seen in a while.


2. A New Interior Look Without Leather Will Shock Auto Mechanics

Many luxury cars feature leather interiors, often hand stitched. Cadillac departs from the norm to instead manufacture an interior made of a type of cloth that resembles fine hand-made Italian suits. Fresh. The back seat has televisions built into the headrests. But these aren’t just any televisions, rather they are more like iPads, which are controlled via a tablet that comes complimentary with the new car, stored between the seats.

3. Auto Mechanics Will Love that the Exterior of the Escala Is Both Elegant and Fierce

Those with auto mechanic careers in Montreal might be impressed by the sheer size of the Escala. The exterior of the Escala is undoubtedly beautiful, and it has a larger wheelbase—in both length and width—than mostly all of its proposed competitors. It’s a huge car that is imposing. Its front end is marvellous, channelling new-age aggressive styling that seems to ‘squint’ the headlights, much like the new Ford Mustang. It features OLED lighting so that huge headlights aren’t necessary. The Escala also features triumphant 22-inch wheels for an exterior that is sure to wow.

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