3 Things to Look for In An Auto Mechanic Training College

Mechanic colleges

Canada has over 20 million registered road vehicles. With a number as high as that, it’s no surprise that there’s a steady demand for mechanics who can fix and maintain such vehicles. Dealerships and repair shops aren’t only looking for individuals who know their way around an engine though; today’s mechanics also need to be able to keep up with modern auto technology, which is constantly changing.

These days, most cars have computers, advanced electrical systems, built-in GPS functions, and more. Hybrid and all-electric vehicles are making their way into the mainstream too. Modern mechanics need to know how different automotive propulsion systems work if they want to stay relevant and be able to service a wider range of customers.

If you are considering a career in the auto industry, you’ll find that many mechanic training programs in Canada have recently added basic hybrid safety training to their curriculums, in addition to traditional automotive courses. In order to obtain certification that will qualify you to work wherever you want, and on a wide range of vehicle types, there are a range of factors that you should consider when choosing a mechanic college.

Read on for a few examples of what you should look for when deciding on an auto mechanic college.

1. Mechanic Colleges Should Offer Advanced and Up-to-Date Training

Did you notice how many people are moving towards fuel efficient vehicles when they purchase a car these days? When considering which mechanic colleges would be the best fit for you, you’ll want to consider the demands of today’s car-buyers.

Garages who don’t work on hybrid and electric vehicles are losing business, and will continue to do so as these types of vehicles continue to gain popularity. Auto Schools like Automotive Training Centre (ATC) offer advanced hybrid technology training, because they understand that this technology is more than a trend; it’s the direction that the industry is headed.

Garages and dealerships need individuals who know how the energy storage systems, control circuits, and complex Hybrid drive systems work if they want to meet the demands of today’s car owners.

Auto mechanic apprenticeship
Hybrid vehicles are the wave of the future.

2. Auto Mechanic Training Should Take Place in a Cutting-Edge Facility

Another thing to consider when choosing the right auto mechanic college is how well-equipped the school is. If your class is crowding around a school’s only lift to get a better look at a car’s undercarriage, or you have to wait to share tools with your peers, it might slow down the learning process.

In order to offer all of its students a hands-on training experience, ATC is proud to offer a spacious, state-of-the-art training facility. With big mechanic shops full of the latest equipment, everyone gets a chance to participate and do what they love best: get their hands dirty working on cars.

Auto mechanic training
Mechanic colleges should lots of space, and the right tools to get the job done.

3. Look For Mechanic Colleges That Offer Career Placement Opportunities

As you’re narrowing down your search for a mechanic college, it’s important to consider whether or not your options offer placement opportunities. You’ll need to gain hours towards earning your full mechanic certification, and you shouldn’t be left alone to decide where you can gain work experience.

Reputable automotive schools have consistently high job placement rates; because businesses in the area know that they produce well-trained and knowledgeable graduates. For example, ATC believes you should be able to put your skills to use as soon as you finish your mechanic program.

It’s important to enroll in a school that is committed to helping its students find an auto mechanic apprenticeship that’s a good match for both the employer and the individual. Choose a mechanic college that has solid auto industry partnerships, so you can have a smooth transition from training, into the workforce.

Mechanic colleges
Graduates should be matched with apprenticeship opportunities that are best-suited for them.

Receive the right auto mechanic training and start the career you’ve always wanted.

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