3 Things Those in Auto Mechanic School Should Know About the 2021 Cadillac Escalade

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Defining luxury for more than twenty years, the 5th generation Cadillac Escalade offers even more muscle and pampering in its bid to continue reigning supreme in the full-size SUV luxury niche. With its impressive king-sized swagger and prestige badge, the Cadillac Escalade is instantly recognizable to all who see it, offering the perfect combination of powerful presence and bling to appeal to a wide segment of super-wealthy buyers. 

Having gained a reputation as a top transport choice of the elite around the world, this Caddy is known for moving around anyone who has the coin to drop on one—from pro athletes and rapper superstars to government security agencies and nouveau riche soccer Moms.

With its 2021 Escalade, Cadillac has wisely decided to make only subtle changes to its esteemed exterior, focussing to impress instead with added luxury to the interior and a beefier powertrain. Let’s take a look at three of the new release’s most stand-out features!

1. A New Sports Model and More Power than Ever Under the Hood

The 5th generation Escalade offers buyers a Sport Edition for the first time, the new version standing out with its black-mesh grille and black body trim. The other Luxury and Premium Luxury models, meanwhile, continue to seduce with Cadillac’s continued attention to detail and design sophistication, with the Platinum trim standing as the top of the range.

Turning to the powertrain, the 2021 full-sized Caddy SUV takes its power beyond anything seen in its predecessors, boasting an entirely new 3.0 litre Duramax I-6 turbo-diesel engine to crank out 277 hp and 460 lb-ft of torque. Its naturally aspirated standard 6.2-litre V8 continues to impress with its 420 horse output. Both engines run on a 10-speed automatic transmission.

Take a look at it in this clip to see the 2021 Escalade in action:

Ride and handling get a nice makeover too, driven by Magnetic Ride Control, an all-new independent rear suspension system that reduces vibrations as well as vertical body motion and body roll. Those training in automotive industry disciplines will be interested in this new damping tech, which reads the road using sensors to instantly adjust the damping rate on the Caddy’s shocks. Working alongside the Magnetic Ride Control is also the newly available air suspension, improving aerodynamics and providing continuous adjustment for ride-height and load-leveling.

2. A Luxury Cabin to Impress Buyers and Students of Automotive School Alike

If you’re an automotive worker, you’re sure to appreciate the engineering and design that’s gone into the latest Escalade cockpit. Luxury continues to be the name of the game with its ambient lighting, eight choices of colour and wood trim, soft closing doors, sleek stainless-steel speaker grilles, and a fridge/ freezer option for all that champagne.

The interior on the 5th generation Escalade is all about luxury. Check this video out to see for yourself:

The 2021 Escalade also offers an industry first in the cabin, with its curved OLED screen that replaces the rectangular standard to offer crisper, more vibrant colours than ever. It displays as three separate screens, including a 7.2-inch driver-focussed touchscreen, a 14.2-inch display with four cluster layouts, and a 16.9 inch infotainment display trimmed in leather and offering navigation, climate control, and audio control.

3. Additional Stand-Out Features to Impress Those with Auto Careers

Cadillac seemed on a mission to crank out as many industry firsts on this new Escalade design as it could, which includes the addition of AKG technology. This audio marvel offers the driver a unique Studio 3D surround-sound listening experience through 19 speakers and a 14-channel amp subwoofer. 

To further cater to those needing to blow-out the boulevard in cruise mode, a staggering 36 speaker option is also available, offering 28 channels on 3 amplifiers. 

Super Cruise tech will also make an appearance in the 2021 Escalade, offering hands-free semi-autonomous driver assist that reacts to lidar-enhanced map data covering more than 321,000 kilometres of mapped highways. 

Cadillac seems to have made good on its promise to knock out the best Escalade yet with its 2021 release, ensuring its flagship model keeps a comfy spot on the throne of full-sized luxury SUVs . 

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