3 Auto Detailing Accessories You’ll Want to Have During Your Career

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Auto detailing refers to the cleaning of a car’s interior and exterior, and a career in auto detailing means possessing knowledge of techniques and accessories employed to deliver quality services. When people entrust their automobiles to detailers, they are placing their trust in professionals and expecting a job well done.  

Whether it’s for maintenance, major repairs, or detailing, it is always a good idea to rely on specialists to provide the quality services you expect and deserve. For auto detailers, specific accessories can help facilitate and improve the quality of their performance.

Here are three accessories that auto detailers should include in their arsenal.

1. A Pressure Washer Will Make Your Auto Detailing Career Much Easier

Alright, this one is somewhat of a luxury, but having a pressure washer will completely change your approach to washing the exterior of a vehicle. Some purists might preach that a vehicle’s exterior should only be hand-cleaned, but a pressure-washer will make your job much easier by allowing you to clean at a much faster rate. You must, however, be careful not to choose a washer with too much pressure as this may damage the paint on the vehicle. The recommended pressure setting is 1200-1900 PSI (pounds per square inch).

Experts recommend a pressure washer with approximately 5.30-6.06 liters per minute
Experts recommend a pressure washer with approximately 5.30-6.06 liters per minute

2. A Microfibre Cleaning Applicator Can Help You Provide a Deeper Clean

People are prepared to spend a fortune on premium grade products and solutions to clean their vehicle, but sometimes the little things make all the difference. For example, in order to avoid scratching or damaging a car’s body and upholstery during auto detailing, it is important that you use the appropriate fabric. Microfibre cleaning applicators have emerged as champions of their class because of their delicate composition and ability to provide a deep clean that does not cause scratches or damage. Investing in quality applicators is a necessity if you want to get the most from the products you’re using.

3. Quality Detergent & Shampoo Make All the Difference

This is perhaps the trickiest of all. Although you must absolutely acquire detergents, shampoos, soaps, and conditioners, it can be difficult to choose so many different brands. And the results you get are directly related to the care products you use. It is recommended that you purchase products that are compatible with the vehicle you are detailing and with the job you’re trying to do. For example, although they are top grade, some detergents may not be effective in removing old wax and contaminants from your automobile. So, shop around and find the product that works for you.

Learn How to Make Cars Look Great in an Auto Detailing Course

Receiving auto detailing training allows you to elevate your detailing abilities to a degree where you are capable of completely transforming the appearance of a vehicle’s interior and exterior. These skills, combined with the appropriate accessories can place you in a position to deliver an invaluable service to a dealership or a garage, or perhaps even to begin your own business in the auto-detailing industry!

There are many cleaning accessories you’ll use in your auto detailing career
There are many cleaning accessories you’ll use in your auto detailing career

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