The 2022 Jeep Wagoneer: A First Look for Automotive Workers

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After a near 30-year absence and many years of a promised comeback, the long-awaited Jeep Grand Wagoneer will finally go into production sometime next year—leaving fans of the iconic luxury 4 x 4 vehicle eager to see just how closely the realized end product will match the vehicle concept. 

The carmaker is keeping hush on some details, but makes no secret of plans to pit the upcoming release against top-selling premium full-size three-rows SUV competitors, including the Range Rover line, high-end Lincolns, and the 2021 Cadillac Escalade.  

So how exactly does Jeep expect to grab buyers in the niche? Let’s take a look at what we know so far to see how well the new Wagoneer might measure up!

What Kind of Lineup Can Fans Expect?

The 2022 Grand Wagoneer will offer a full coverage premium space lineup to include two wheelbase lengths, with some early whisperings of a plug-in hybrid and possibly even a two-door version. Jeep is also promising drivers three varieties of four-wheel drive systems to choose from, all loaded with the Quadra-Lift air suspension any automotive worker will admire for its ability to sail through ultra-rugged terrain. 

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Jeep is renowned for superior suspensions that make short work of off-roading

Jeep is keeping quiet on what the hybrid powertrain might look like, but car reviewers predict it would be something akin to a next-generation incarnation of the current Chrysler Pacifica plug-in hybrid’s Atkinson-cycle Pentastar V-6/twin-electric motor.

Does it Look Anything Like the Original?

The 2022 Wagoneer’s bold concept styling has been designed to resurrect the spirit of the original All-American classic SUV, with a “modern interpretation of luxury and freedom,” according to Jeep global chief Gilles Meunier. The new exterior design is indeed grand and sleek, but ultimately a far cry from the classic Grand Wagoneers that graced North American roads from the 60s through the 90s, probably most easily recalled for their elegant wood-grain sides. 

Jeep does its best give a nod to the model’s former heyday, with the inclusion of subtle teak wood hints around the headlights and teak covers on the roof rail mounts. The seven-slot front grille is another nod to a much-loved detail of the originals, although modernized with a stately Obsidian Black finish, intricate latticework, and backlit with LED bulbs.

Where’s the Jeep Badge?

Students of car sales training will be interested to hear that the all-new Grand Wagoneer concept omits the Jeep badge entirely, opting instead for more than a dozen “Grand Wagoneer” scripts throughout the SUV’s interior and exterior.  The move is a deliberate design strategy to change buyer perceptions, with execs hoping buyers will quickly equate the new lineup with the premium reputation earned from well-established three-row SUV competitors. The hope is that the truck-based SUV, built on the Ram 1500 pickup platform like its competitors, will appeal to Jeep fans. 

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The Jeep badge is replaced by the Grand Wagoneer script—a move to change buyer perceptions in the showroom

What Should Students in Car Sales Training Know About the Cabin?

With luxury front of mind, the Grand Wagoneer offers plenty of space with loads of head and legroom and seats furnished with power recline function.  The concept boasts seven available screens—two of them mounted in the second-row seats at 10.1 inches each, with a single 10.3-inch climate-control screen affixed to the centre console. The same screen expands to 12.1 inches in the front, offering passengers infotainment options. The driver and front passenger also each get their own screens with streaming connectivity. Overall, it’s a luxe cockpit look and feel that challenges the best in breed of the niche.

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