2022 Infotainment Trends to Keep Tabs on As You Complete Your Automotive Technology Program

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If you’re an aspiring auto mechanic who enjoys keeping up with the latest automotive industry trends, then you’re in the right place. Vehicles have become faster, efficient, safer, and more reliable than ever before. One thing that car manufacturers have been playing around with is a vehicle’s infotainment system. People like to stay connected to what’s out there, be entertained on the go, and have information at their fingertips. A car infotainment system offers just that.

At ATC Toronto, you’ll get hands-on training in servicing and repairing different types of vehicles. One thing’s for sure though, you’ll be entertained while doing so, with the many cool infotainment trends that you may see in your customers’ vehicles in 2022. Read on to discover the latest infotainment trends to keep tabs on!

Look Out for 5G After Your Automotive Technology Program

One thing that will probably excite you is the use of 5G technology in infotainment systems. 5G technology has been in the works for quite some time now, and car manufacturers are becoming increasingly focused on connectivity when designing infotainment systems for drivers. 

Infotainment systems that carry 5G technology will have new and improved connectivity. When you finish your automotive technology program, you’ll probably get the chance to examine 5G connectivity when servicing and repairing customer vehicles in the future. 5G provides drivers with never-before-seen speed for accessing data – a hundred times faster than 4G connectivity. With 5G, drivers can experience new services, better on-demand entertainment and high-definition navigation maps.

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Discover 5G connectivity in infotainment systems after your automotive technology program

Car Manufacturers Are Answering the Call for More Connectivity

Another trend that you’ll see more of by the time you complete your automotive technology course is an increase in internet connectivity features. Wi-Fi connectivity is becoming a rising trend in infotainment, due to its low cost and high customer demand. 

More connectivity not only means faster internet speeds, but it also means car owners can directly access their texts, emails, phone applications, music and navigation, and shop online – all from the comfort of their own vehicles. Their smartphones would be directly connected to onboard Wi-Fi sensors that provide easy access to all their connectivity needs. You’ll probably get the chance to take a look for yourself when your customers bring their infotainment systems for servicing at your auto shop.

Get Your Game on With Infotainment Video Gaming

Tesla has been planning to take their infotainment systems to the next level. And by the time you’re done with your automotive training, you’ll probably get to see this new and nifty feature in Tesla cars. Tesla has brought a new meaning to car infotainment by introducing video gaming features on its Linux infotainment platform, featuring Steam Games’ specific game titles for passengers to enjoy. 

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Tesla is bringing video gaming infotainment to cars

The gaming infotainment system will come equipped with 5G and Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) that provide power and clarity to video processing to allow gaming content to run smoothly. What’s even more fascinating? Just as an XBOX One or a PlayStation 5 have several entertainment streaming applications, Tesla’s infotainment system will provide entertainment applications right from the comfort of their cars.

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