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The Importance of Rust Proofing Explained for Auto Detailing Students

You’ll see all sorts of issues with vehicles brought into an auto body shop, from exterior flaws to complicated mechanical issues. It may be an afterthought to many drivers and…
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Why Gaining Practical Experience Is Important for Those in an Auto Detailing Career

Training for a successful career in auto detailing involves more than just sitting in a classroom. In order to truly master the art of automotive detailing and refurbishing, it’s essential…
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Starting Your Auto Career? 4 Common Radiator Issues You’ll See

The radiator is a crucial component of any vehicle’s cooling system – and when there’s a problem with this car part, it’s more than just inconvenient. Together with the water…
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A Guide to Electrical System Diagnostics for Students in Auto Repair Training

A vehicle’s electrical system is responsible for a whole host of vital functions within a vehicle. The battery, alternator and electrical wiring system enable a vehicle to turn on and…
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Considering Dispatch Training? The Difference Between Local and Highway Dispatching Explained

While we tend to associate dispatching careers in transportation simply with trucking, you might be surprised to learn there are a range of different specializations and roles within this industry….
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