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A Look at the 2021 Audi S6 For Those in Auto Careers

Although it’s a sedan and not a sports car, the 2021 Audi S6 makes no sacrifices when it comes to performance. Characterized by its refined appearance, advanced technology, and extremely…
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Pursuing a Career in Auto Service Operations? 5 Fuel-Conserving Tips You Can Share With Clients

There’s no denying that it’s expensive to gas up your car. However, what many drivers don’t know is that there are many ways to improve a vehicle’s fuel efficiency while…
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Training to Become an Auto Service Technician? 4 Reasons Why the Check Engine Light Might Be On

If that little orange light on a vehicle’s dashboard turns on, it’s usually a signal that a driver should bring their vehicle in to be looked at by a mechanic….
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Synthetic vs. Mineral Oil: The Difference Explained for Students in Auto Mechanic School

Synthetic and conventional oil (or mineral oil) are both used in vehicles today, and while they serve the same purpose, they are different both in composition and impact on performance….
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A Brief Guide to Maintaining a Car’s AC System For Auto Service Technicians

It’s no secret that a vehicle’s air conditioning system works harder in the summer. This wouldn’t be a problem if drivers regularly had their AC systems checked—but the fact is,…
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