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Signs the Spark Plugs Needs Replacing by a Professional Auto Technician

When working as an auto technician, you’ll need to know how to diagnose and repair a wide range of automotive problems. Identifying the source of vehicle trouble is the first…
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Showcasing ATC on CityTV’s – Breakfast Television. Here’s a Look at One of Our Students Who Took the Leap Into Automotive School

Toronto News Network CityTV recently covered one student’s journey into Automotive Training Centres’ (ATC) Toronto campus. As the auto industry expands, the demand for skilled auto technicians is rising.  Shane…
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Starting Your Career in Auto Detailing? What to Look For When Choosing a Car Polisher

When it comes to making a vehicle look like it was just purchased from the dealership, a car polishing tool is an auto detailer’s best friend. A good car polisher…
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Looking to Become an Auto Mechanic? 4 Reasons Why a Client’s Car Battery Won’t Charge

In any vehicle, the battery is responsible for powering the starter to switch on the engine, in addition to supplying power to the car’s electricity-dependent components. While automotive technology has…
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4 Common Reasons a Car Won’t Start: A Guide for Those in Auto Mechanic Training

There are few things more frustrating and inconvenient than a vehicle that won’t start. Unfortunately, this problem is often more complicated than an empty fuel tank or a dead battery….
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