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5 Signs the Tires Need Replacing For Students in Auto Mechanic Courses

Car tires are highly important components of a vehicle, absorbing shock on the road, supporting a vehicle’s weight, facilitating braking, maintaining traction, and more. No matter how durable they are,…
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LED Vs. Xenon Headlights: A Comparison For Students in Auto Mechanic Training

If you’re considering working in the automotive industry, you may have noticed that many cars today offer a choice between Xenon and LED headlights. The headlights are an important feature…
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How To Use a Clay Bar on Cars For Students of Auto Detailing Courses

Vehicles kept outside are consistently exposed to environmental toxins and weather contaminants. Over time, these vehicles accumulate layers of dirt including tar, brake dust, dead bugs, and tree sap. Particles…
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4 Things That Can Drain a Car Battery For Those Interested in Automotive Careers

If a vehicle’s battery dies every once in a while, it’s usually not a cause for concern. Car batteries can die as a result of human error or fluke incidents,…
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Training to Become an Auto Mechanic? 5 Reasons a Car May Have Trouble Reversing

A car needs to be able to reverse in all kinds of situations, from parking to leaving the driveway –  yet the reverse function can at times fail in a…
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