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Considering Auto Body Technician Training? 3 Possible Areas of Specialization Upon Entering the Field

The auto body industry is becoming increasingly varied, with skilled auto body technicians finding work in specialized areas. Whether you hope to work for a car dealership, an independent garage,…
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Transmission vs. Engine Trouble: How Those with Auto Mechanic Certification Can Tell The Difference

As a driver, there’s nothing worse than hearing or feeling something unfamiliar in your car. That’s usually when we send our cars to an auto mechanic for a quick diagnosis….
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Interested in a Career as an Automotive Mechanic? 5 Tips to Win Customers Over

The success of a business hinges on its ability to sell products and services to customers, and keep them coming back. For auto repair shops, the ability to attract customers…
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How Those with Auto Detailing Training Can Improve Headlight Visibility

Have you ever been driving at night and noticed that some vehicles’ headlights are dimmer than others? Unfortunately, headlights aren’t designed to stay bright forever. In most vehicles, the headlights…
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Opening Your Own Repair Shop: 5 Tips for those in Auto Service Programs

If you’re considering becoming a mechanic, the idea of opening your own auto repair shop in the future might be on your mind. Owning your own business requires plenty of…
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