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Identifying and Fixing a Radiator Leak After Auto Mechanic School

If you enjoy working with cars and are great at hands-on tasks, then a career as an auto mechanic might be a perfect fit for you. As a mechanic, you’ll…
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Bringing in the New Year: 5 Trends Those With Careers in the Auto Industry Might See in 2021

The auto industry is constantly facing changes to consumer demand and evolving technologies. With this in mind, it’s important for auto mechanics to stay on top of the latest trends…
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Small but Mighty? Hybrid and Electrical Mechanic Students Should Know About the 2020 Mini Electric

The 2020 Mini Cooper Electric, otherwise known as the Mini Cooper SE, is an exciting development from the Mini Cooper lineup. People love these cars because of the performance and…
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If You Want to Become an Auto Mechanic, Find out Why Brake Dust Can Be Harmful to the Environment

Brake dust, the gray-black sediment that can be found lingering on a vehicle’s wheels, is no longer considered only as a potential problem to the vehicle. While some proportion of…
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All About the Many Types of Gaskets in Vehicles: A Quick Overview for Aspiring Automotive Mechanics

To “blow a gasket” is a common expression people like to throw around to mean that something has burst. Usually, when it’s used to describe someone’s behaviour, it means they’re…
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