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How to Paint Mag Wheels: A Look for Anyone Seeking Auto Painting Careers

The longer a car owner spends time on the road, the more likely their wheels will start to look dirtier and full of debris. Also known as alloy wheels, mag…
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How Cars Should be Prepped for Winter: What Every Auto Career Pro Should Know

When the cold whip in the air reminds us that Jack Frost is just around the corner, many car owners will make a quick mental note to get the winter…
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Why Caddy’s Super Cruise Is Called the Best Driver Assist System: A Look for Students of Auto Mechanic School

When you think of driver assistance technology, Cadillac might not be the first automaker to come to mind. However, the manufacturer’s Super Cruise technology is making waves in the realm…
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3 Common Challenges to EV Repairs: What the Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Mechanic Should Know

Today, the automotive industry is preparing for the increased popularity of electric vehicles. Though these types of autos only make up a small percentage of the overall market, trends are…
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How Could 5G and IoT Change Cars? A Look for Automotive Mechanic Training Pros

In an increasingly interconnected world, the impacts of 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) are expanding in many different directions. While the first things that might come to mind…
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