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Which Car Colour Is Easiest to Care for? What Those Interested in Auto Detailing Training Should Know

Some car colours are easier to maintain and keep clean than others. Certain colours are also more easily able to hide dirt, as well as paint scratches or other such…
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4 Things Everyone in Automotive School Should Know About the 2020 KIA Stinger

Modern luxury sports sedans hardly get more impressive than this. The 2020 KIA Stinger offers drivers many things they look for in these types of cars from the inside out,…
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How Do Gasoline Cars Work? What Those With Auto Careers Should Know

As the substance that fuels engines, cars literally cannot run properly without gasoline. Cars that run on gasoline not only use an internal combustion engine, but one ignited by sparks…
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Thinking About Automotive School? Here’s How Power Door Locks Work

Car door locks are necessary for keeping vehicles safe from intruders and ensuring young children are secure inside. These handy mechanisms have come a long way from the simplistic technologies…
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Tips for Selling Used Cars Like a Pro After Auto Sales School

Selling a used car will take more work than selling a new one. This shouldn’t be a surprise, but there are ways you can expedite the process and make a…
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