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A Brief Intro to Emissions Testing for Those Interested in Auto Mechanic Training

Any new car owner should understand what emissions testing is, and why it’s important. The engine in a vehicle gives off emissions of some kind, and with varying levels of…
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4 Things to Know About Timing Chains for Auto Mechanic School

Without timing chains, a car literally cannot go anywhere. A timing chain acts in a similar way to a timing belt, connecting the camshaft and crankshaft in order to allow…
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F1 Cars VS. Road Cars: 3 Differences Those in Auto Mechanic School Should Know

While F1 may have reduced its engine sizes in recent years, they remain impressive for any car enthusiast. They also continue to have extremely high performance standards compared to regular…
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The Best Looking F1 Cars of All Time for Those in Automotive School

This year’s Formula 1 is now well underway. As any car fanatic will tell you, while the F1 is very much about the speed and power of cars—and the skills…
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Is Cleaning Fuel Injectors Important? What Pros Need to Know for Their Auto Careers

Clean fuel injectors help cars perform at their best—but are they really needed for that purpose? Although fuel injectors should typically be cleaned in order to remove any particles or…
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