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Fuel Injection Systems Explained for Those in Auto Mechanic School

A fuel injection system is what helps a car’s engine run properly. To do this, there needs to be the correct quantities of both air and fuel. Essentially, it does…
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Interested in Auto Mechanic School? Discover How Engine Lubrication Systems Work

If a client wants their engine running smoothly, start with their lubrication system. Keeping an engine well-lubricated will do wonders for helping a vehicle run smoothly, as well as improve…
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5 Entry Level Positions to Pursue After Auto Mechanic Training

Every auto mechanic has to start somewhere! In fact, many entry-level positions you can take after your mechanic training can set you up for a long and rewarding career in…
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A Brief History of Car Insurance for Those Interested in Auto Body Estimator Training

We can’t imagine a world without insurance, and especially not for our cars! Ever since Benjamin Franklin pioneered the concept of insurance in 1751, there has been a desire for…
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What Everyone in Auto Sales School Should Know About the 2022 Kia Sedona

A career in auto sales can be a lucrative, rewarding path. You get to engage with a variety of clients, take pride in fulfilling customer needs, and master your selling…
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