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3 Exciting Kits for the Auto Body Technician Student

Body kits are becoming more and more popular as car enthusiasts look to customize their vehicles and add statement features that can improve the drive experience. At some point in…
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How to Perfect Your Fleet Maintenance Manager Resume After Dispatch Training

Imagine: you’ve got your qualifications, a number of key skills at your disposal, and experience to boot. How do you communicate your fleet management expertise to your future employer? Crafting…
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5 Fun Car Mods Students in Auto Repair Programs Can Try

To many, the primary role of car mechanics is fixing vehicles when they’re broken, but automotive technicians also work with perfectly functioning cars to transform them into something greater. Whether…
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How to Replace a Serpentine Belt During Auto Careers

If your vehicle’s steering functionality glitches, your battery begins rapidly losing charge, and a disconcerting sound comes out of your engine, your car’s serpentine belt is possibly the culprit. Although…
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Become a Mechanic and Convert Classic Cars to Electric Vehicles

The automotive industry is changing. Drivers and car manufacturers are becoming increasingly aware of the harmful impact of fossil fuels on our planet and are looking to replace the use…
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