Why 2020 Is the Year for Women to Become an Auto Mechanic

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Historically, the automotive industry has been dominated by men. Boys dreamed of working with cars and engines, while girls looked to more ‘feminine’ careers. However, this is slowly but surely changing, thanks to a number of programs and initiatives designed to recruit more females in the field.

In Canada, it’s estimated that 90% of the automotive industry is male. Research has shown that diversity in business leads to better financial performance,meaning automotive businesses could be losing money by not hiring women.

In turn, female mechanics can expect competitive salaries, job security, and a whole list of other advantages. Read on to discover why 2020 is the year for women to enter the automotive industry.

Why Are There Fewer Women in Automotive Schools in Canada?

Firstly, it’s important to understand why there are fewer women in automotive careers. A recent study by Deloitte revealed that women are reluctant to enter the automotive industry because of negative perceptions about the workplace (65%), concerns about work/ life balance (59%), a perceived lack of flexibility (46%), and worries about opportunities for career progression (39%).

Despite this, women are actually the number one customer in the automotive industry. More than half of all new car purchases are made by women, and two-thirds of car maintenance jobs are completed for women. With a customer base that is predominantly female, there is plenty of space for women to break the gender divide to become an auto mechanic.

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Women are the number one customer in the automotive industry

Programs to Help Women Succeed in Automotive

There are a number of groups and programs to help women that are thinking about taking auto mechanic courses succeed.

The Girls Auto Clinic aims to empower women to become auto mechanics and offers resources and services for aspiring female professionals, or ‘shecanics.’ Similarly, Women Auto Know is working to boost female representation in the automotive industry and encourage women to learn how to maintain their vehicles. Both of these groups also offer peer to peer networking opportunities for women to meet other like minded aspiring mechanics and learn from them.

One of the barriers holding women back from entering the automotive industry is a lack of female role models. Joining one of these networks means they will be able to meet, work with, and learn from other female mechanics.

Female Mechanics Can Expect Good Pay and Job Security

Lastly, auto mechanic training will help women to access better pay and job security. There is an increasing demand for skilled workers like mechanics across Canada, especially as the baby boomer generation nears retirement.

This means that female mechanics will never be short of work. The average salary of a female mechanic is $50,000, and ambitious women can even go on to earn more than that by starting their own auto shop.

The automotive industry is expected to change over the next five to ten years to become more sustainable, digital, and female.

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