Why 2020 Is the Right Year to Pursue Auto Careers

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If you’re interested in pursuing a job that lets you enjoy your passion for cars, you can ring in the New Year by starting your journey towards that goal. January and February are great times to get started on new pursuits, with a focus on things that will make your life more fulfilling and put you on a path to personal and professional success. The auto industry is also looking good for growth moving forward, giving you an opportunity to jump on new opportunities. Read on for more about why this year is a great time to work towards a new career in the automotive industry!

New Year’s is a Great Time of Year for Job Applications

January and February are when companies tend to look at their numbers and decide what their goals and strategies are moving forward into the year. It gives them a good picture of who they need to hire and how much they can afford to pay them. Plus, many places put off hiring decisions during the holidays until the New Year. This means that applying for jobs in the early part of the year gives you a higher chance of finding something that you like and is a great fit. Since more options are potentially available to you, you may also end up having more interviews and calls. For auto careers, you can take advantage of this, whether you’re looking to work in auto body, sales, repair or something else.

Despite this, it’s good to remember that in January, businesses are starting up again after the holidays, and for some the break is quite long. There is catch-up to do before most companies can start thinking about hiring, so expect to have a bit of a delay hearing back from places.

The Auto Technology Industry is Forecast to See Growth

Until 2024, the auto mechanics industry in Canada is expected to experience steady growth. Since the industry itself is quite established, it’s thought that sudden or unexpected changes are unlikely. Your training will remain applicable for the foreseeable future because of this, so studying auto technology is an excellent, long-term investment in your career and life. It’s also an industry that doesn’t present too many obstacles to entry, which means you can get started earning money relatively quickly. Once you have the skills you need to perform well in your job, you have a high chance of being hired and working in your chosen field.


With sudden changes unlikely in the industry, your auto training will remain relevant in your career

With sudden changes unlikely in the industry, your auto training will remain relevant in your career


A New Year Opens Doors to a New You—Maybe in an Auto Career!

Mentally, many people find it easier to get a fresh start if their environment supports it. With all of the energy around the New Year, you have plenty to draw from. Participate in goal-setting and marking the New Year and you’ll be on the right path to start a new chapter. You can shrug off worries or negativity from the previous year and decide to use the changing of the calendar as a cue to yourself that you are starting anew.

The end of 2019 is a great opportunity to take a look at what you’ve accomplished so far and where you’d like to be by the end of 2020. If that includes working with cars, now’s your time to go after your dream.


Starting the year fresh can put you on a path to work in the automotive industry

Starting the year fresh can put you on a path to work in the automotive industry

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