What Does the 2020 BMW X6 Look Like? Here’s a Peek for the Aspiring Auto Body Technician

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The original SUV coupe has gotten a facelift for the new decade. Building on the foundation already set by the German automaker’s most recent X5 model, the 2020 BMW X6 is a stylish crossover utility vehicle standing in contrast to more conventional utility cars.

Not only is the third generation X6 the fastest and biggest model yet among these hybrids of SUVs and sports coupes, its exterior features make it stand out among its peers.

There’s plenty for car lovers and auto body professionals to appreciate about the new X6, and its new exterior features deserve a deep dive.

Here’s what an aspiring auto body technician should know about the new 2020 BMW X6.

Auto Body Technicians Will Love the X6’s New Look

Companies like Porsche, Audi and Mercedes-Benz have tried replicating the X6’s look in the past with their vehicle designs, and this new version is sure to attract some admiring glances once again.

Defined by sharp lines on its body and being longer and wider than its 2019 equivalent, the new X6 has a sleek, future-forward look that improves upon the template set for it when the first model debuted back in 2008.

It also boasts a larger, light-up grille that can be illuminated via an optional package the driver can order, and is more angular than before. There’s also a new bumper design on the front of the vehicle, more muscular fenders on its rear, and full LED headlights. The bumper itself also boasts bigger air intakes.

Students in auto body training may also notice a bigger, darker diffuser, as well as thinner LED taillights, helping to give it a more polished look. Above the X6’s rear hatch glass, the roofline flows into two identical spoilers, and both the spoilers and the front wheel’s “air breathers” help improve the car’s performance and fuel efficiency.

A Bigger, Roomier SUV Coupe

Although the X6 stays mostly faithful to the previous model’s design, the overall size of its exterior dimensions is bigger on multiple levels. The vehicle measures more than half an inch wider and about an inch longer than the previous model, with the wheelbase also being 1.6 inches longer, allowing for greater legroom in the car’s rear seats.

An eagle-eyed auto body technician may also notice the X6’s 20-inch tires and wheels — which can be boosted to up to 22 inches, if the driver so chooses. However, perhaps the biggest change is the portion of its roofline that has been trimmed compared to the previous model, amounting to about 0.7 inches shorter. Despite this, the X6’s storage capacity isn’t affected too much, and it has plenty of room for groceries, suitcases, and other such cargo.

The tires and wheels measure at 20 inches, and can be upgraded to 22
The tires and wheels measure at 20 inches, and can be upgraded to 22

For drivers who like having fresh air flow through their cars while driving in summer weather, the new X6’s panoramic sunroof is also a whopping 83 per cent bigger than that of the 2019 model.

Check out this video for a closer look at the new X6:

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