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Opening Your Own Shop: A Guide for Aspiring Mechanics

Once you’ve developed a comprehensive mechanic skillset and industry experience, you might start to consider whether it’s possible to become your own boss. Starting an auto repair business isn’t as…
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A History of the Invention of Four Wheel Drive for Students at Automotive Service Technician School

Sometimes, fine-tuning things to make them perfect can take a really, really long time. Back in the early 1900s, cars were largely based around two-wheel drive, where the rear wheels…
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Become a Mechanic and You Might Get to See These 4 New Eco-Friendly Cars

It’s no secret that the automotive industry has historically had a large ecological impact. Production of steel, rubber, glass, plastics, and paint doesn’t come at zero cost to the planet—even…
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Remote Driving Trucks You Might See After Dispatcher Training

In today’s trucking industry, the future is now. You may have heard that companies like Mercedes-Benz are working on creating fully autonomous trucks, but the industry is already even bigger…
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Interior Vs. Exterior Professional Automotive Detailing

Car detailing: no, it’s not the same as car washing. In fact, it’s more than a little different. Car detailing goes the extra mile by having professional detailers hand-wash, polish,…
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